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  1. Flynn4ever

    Dustin Pedroia Retrospective

    6/19/2010 was the only time I ever saw Pedey at Fenway (I saw him at the Stade Fasciste the next year.) Walk-off hit against the Dodgers after Manny hit a no-doubter for the bad guys. I had just flown in from Japan, flight delay and I didn't even get my bag before hopping a cab to Fenway. So...
  2. Flynn4ever

    2021 BBHoF Ballot

    I had not realized Sheffield was accused of steroid use (forgive me, I have lived in Japan since even before his peak) but I would say Tori Hunter, he and Vizquel are the only near HOF, if you don't think the evidence on Sheffield is adequate.
  3. Flynn4ever

    Bard is back! (on the Rockies, not the Red Sox)

    I feel similarly. I still root for the laundry, but I feel I have a soft spot for every non-asshole who ever wore the laundry. How could I have been happy that the Dodgers won the series? Mookie and JoKe. I applauded Manny's home run in his return to Fenway with the Dodgers (from the bleachers...
  4. Flynn4ever

    Most exciting plays in Red Sox history (for the Casual Fan)

    This was the one i was scrolling to find before I added it. I actually had turned off the TV, walked to my friend's house and was whining about the loss (1979 still stung) to my Yankee loving friend and he said, "man, you missed it, the Sox won!"
  5. Flynn4ever

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    I really thought that it would be a LeBron like situation where someone other than Kershaw would have to single-handedly win two games to keep it from him.
  6. Flynn4ever

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    Sorry, not watching, who is getting the MVP? Seager?
  7. Flynn4ever

    10/7 MLB LDS Game Thread

    Kind of have a visceral hate of the Dodgers in principle, but it's so hard to root against Mookie / JK after 2018. Having Mitchy 2 bags on their opponent helps.
  8. Flynn4ever

    Free Zoom session tonight (Mon 9/14) on the Red Sox and WWII

    As a huge Sox fan and a history teacher, I would have liked to have checked it out (time difference in Japan meant I was on my way in to work.) Can anyone give a summary?
  9. Flynn4ever

    9/10 Let's play one.

    I kind of respect the Rays pulling success out of a dog poop bag, but that stadium is an abomination and it’s not clear that they would have fans in a good stadium even. I hope this new Nashville group gets them. Dombrowski and that team would be interesting.
  10. Flynn4ever

    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    If he’s coming back to Japan Tokyo Sox or I can pick him up at the airport depending on which team wants him.
  11. Flynn4ever

    Pssssssssssssssssssssst 2020

    The White Sox are a much more fun team to watch this year than my favorite Sox.
  12. Flynn4ever

    Workman & Hembree to Phillies for Nick PIvetta and Connor Seabold

    This might be a push to cut down on walks and nibbling . Anecdotally every game I’ve watched this this season feels like watching a staff of Matsuzakas.
  13. Flynn4ever

    8/20 It was what it was.

    I have this bizarre feeling while watching a Sox game this summer. It feels like, I dunno, comfort?
  14. Flynn4ever

    8/17 - I have nothing clever

    Diversion. There seem to be a lot of very tall umpires. Watching NATStown v. Atlanta and Chad Whitson is towering over some of the players. Then again, Eaton and Soto are not that tall.
  15. Flynn4ever

    8/14 We May As Well Try To Guess Who The Losing Pitcher Will Be

    We may not win another game this season.
  16. Flynn4ever

    8/14 We May As Well Try To Guess Who The Losing Pitcher Will Be

    Everyone is making our lineup look like we're sponsored by Chico's Bail Bonds.
  17. Flynn4ever

    8/12 - We're Probably Going To Lose Today...

    Been a fan since '75. I cannot think of a worse rotation, but I guess the towel was thrown in after the Mookie/Price trade and they're okay with putting 30 year old shuttle dudes on the mound. Ugh.
  18. Flynn4ever

    Benintendi to IL (rib cage strain)

    If it were a 162 game season I would say that was likely, but in this shortened season that wouldn't make much sense. There is no call up we can add that has actually been playing daily.
  19. Flynn4ever

    Don't buy me some peanuts and cracker jack - Red Sox at MFY - 7/31

    I don't think Eck needed to say that, but if that's how he feels, fine. Meanwhile, we need pitchers. Should I start warming up?