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    Offseason Game Thread

    I take generic Allegra in the morning but my game changer is Singulair (prescription; generic is montelukast). It's technically an asthma medication, but it also lowers the body's total IgE level, the antibody we produce in response to allergens, which is like turning down the volume on all of...
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    NHL asks Marchand to stop licking people

    I'm adding my two cents way after this story is over -- I was a little busy at the time. Marchand didn't lick opponents during puck battles. He didn't go up to other players to lick them. He licked a guy who repeatedly got in his face to rough and intimidate him. If an opposing player doesn't...
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    2016 camps and general preseason thread

    The last days of the Bruins at the ice box. Rookie camp will be at the new facility. The Bruins Development Camp will be held from Tuesday, July 12 through Friday, July 15. All on-ice sessions of the Bruins Development Camp are open to the public and the media. Tuesday, July 12 (Wilmington...
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    March to the Playoffs: Game One

    Marchand is the only Bruin who can consistently elevate the puck. Sigh.
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    Khokhlachev Recalled

    I'm discouraged about Koko's chances in Boston. He can't seem to translate his scoring game to the NHL, and Claude sitting him for every mistake can't help his confidence. On the other hand, he gets bumped off the puck really easily. I can't decide if he's an AAAA player or just needs a change...
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    Has Sweeney gained your trust?

    I don't trust Sweeney any further than I could throw him.   Anyone on the fence about Rinaldo hasn't watched enough hockey. The guy is so dirty that I don't even want him sitting in our press box as a healthy scratch. He's spent his career going out of his way to injure other players and he...
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    Krug's broken finger and our pets heads are officially falling off

    Hey, I can skate backwards. You think I should call the Bruins?
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    Boychuk Traded to the Islanders for Picks

    Oh, I do, do I? Funny, I think a bunch of us disagreed with the decision without giving an alternate course of action and you only called me out. Will you tell me next that I can't criticize a player unless I've played the game? /smiling eyeroll emoji Sent from my iPhone
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    Boychuk Traded to the Islanders for Picks

    Our young D isn't ready for this. I think Chiarelli screwed up.
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    2014 Training Camp

    Ville Leino has been released from his tryout contract. :)
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    2014 Training Camp

    Boston Bruins make 11 roster transactions   Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli announced today, September 28, that the following 11 players have been released from the Boston Bruins training camp. The following players will join the Providence Bruins training camp: Chris Casto Alex...
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    Game 1: Habs @ Bruins (a must win, obvi...)

    After Boychuk tied it up in the third: Go Bruins.
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    3/2 Bruins @ Rangers
  14. slidingsideways

    The Picture/Video Thread

    From Dan Ryan at @bruinshockeynow, praising Jeff Carter's huge effort on Marchand's shorty:
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    The Picture/Video Thread

    Awesomeness via SportsFilter. They linked to this article, which also shows the guy losing the stick.  
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    Behind the B

    Agreed, very junior varsity camera work. But now I know what that little room up the stairs at Ristuccia looks like inside, and I love seeing the d-camp kids get some attention.
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    The Picture/Video Thread

    Balls looks a little worried there.
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    Bad losers, worse winners

    This one? Did Raymond get a penalty for it? If not, why is Marchand getting a hearing for it?