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  1. StuckOnYouk

    Yahoo Sports: New book alleges Louisville basketball bought escorts for players, recruits

    Pat Forde and Yahoo Sports received an advanced copy of a book "Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen" involving a Louisville madam and Pitino's boys.    ...
  2. StuckOnYouk

    2015 UConn Football: The Drive for P5

          Bernie has forced me to do what I've been waiting for a few others on SOSH to do - start the one and only 2015 UConn Football thread. Well here it is. Your welcome.   UConn, 2-10 last year, has already matched their win total in 2015 with wins over Villanova and Army. Yes, it's Villanova...
  3. StuckOnYouk

    David Ortiz retirement after 2015 rumor courtesy Gammons

    By the way Gammons on Francesa just slipped it in quietly that papi is retiring after this year. They were discussing the influence Papi would have over Hanley and Gammo just said it matter it factly   (split from Lester thread, still just idle speculation - smas)