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  1. alydar

    Pats game in Boulder, CO

    Any recs on a place to watch the Pats game in Boulder today? Up against the Broncos game.
  2. alydar

    Uber from Gillette (or not driving myself)

    Anyone tried this? Looks like Uber has organized themselves a bit on this: Pickup is by the Trader Joes / Bass Pro shop, so it seems like it could take forever to get north back to Boston. I want to go to the Ravens game, but neither my buddy nor I want to drive (more because of fatigue by...
  3. alydar

    Back-to-back streaks

    Random trivia, but has anyone seen a citation for the longest back-to-back losing / winning streaks in baseball history? I suppose the proper way to define it would be the smaller of the two (e.g. a team loses 5 in a row then wins 20 in a row, their number would be 5). Put another way, if the...
  4. alydar

    Watching the Super Bowl in Seattle

    I'll be in Seattle for a conference, staying in what looks like the downtown / business district at the Hyatt @ Olive 8.  Anyone have suggestions as for where to watch the game?  I'd prefer to be able to walk there, and also not to have to get there 4 hours in advance in order to get a seat.  In...