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  1. luckiestman

    2021 Jets: Ride Saleh Ride

    With the Seahawks losing and Browns winning, the Seahawks pick is now set at 23. I’ll have to check but I think this means in the first 3 rds, Jets will have picks: 2,23,34,66,86(I will double check this). Jamal Adams is a good player but I view this trade as a win for the Jets. I thinks...
  2. luckiestman

    2021 NFL: Coaching Openings and Potential Candidates

    Help me out with this and I’ll update the top post. This is not an exhaustive list. I was starting to compile ideas for myself to monitor Jets stuff and thought I could steal the information in your minds by starting a thread (my version of outsourcing). Teams with known openings: Falcons...
  3. luckiestman

    Pernell Whitaker Dead at age 55

    One of the greatest I ever saw do it, Sweetpea, has left the building. “Former world champ boxer Pernell "Sweetpea" Whitaker struck, killed by vehicle in Virginia Beach Whitaker, 55, was a four-time world champion who grew up in Norfolk. He won an Olympic gold medal in 1984.”...
  4. luckiestman

    Tom Brady: Support and Bankability

    When TB12 goes goop and woo with his wife in retirement, are you guys going to turn on him? I have a feeling it's coming (it's kind of already here, let's be honest). I don't mind it, but that type of stuff is normally frowned upon here.
  5. luckiestman

    NFL WEEK 1 water cooler thread

    I don’t see a general week 1thread. Luck just got blasted by a dirty hit (he seems ok); player 36 ejected.
  6. luckiestman

    Olynyk and my lying eyes

    Can anyone explain what KO is giving the offense that makes RPM love him so much? He grades out as the second best center on offense. Even on nights where he individually looks to be getting abused on both ends of the court when you check the box score his raw plus minus will shock you. Is it...
  7. luckiestman

    Real Plus Minus, good stat?

    Thanks to Bowiac posting about it, I have taken to looking at RPM a bit and it seems interesting:   Some things are amusing:   Celtics have 2 of the 12 best centers in the league (KO, Zeller 10/12)   Celtics have 2 of the top 9 PF in the league...
  8. luckiestman

    Rooting for the Pats or Against Your Nana? One Jets Fan's Journey + Pat Fan Testimonials

    The reason for this, and not talking about people on this board, is that a lot of pats fans are Johnny come latelies who think they are smart because their HC is smart. Most people over 35 that I know from Mass have a football team that is their real team (giants or dallas). Maybe they gave...
  9. luckiestman


    I just saw the bracket for the East and it changed a lot since the yesterday. The Nets/Bulls avoided a bullet by not having to play each other in the first round and I think the bracket came out as favorable as possible for the Bulls. Here are the matchups:   Ind  v Atl   Chi v Was   Tor v Bkn  ...