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  1. HomeBrew1901

    What's wrong with Boston Sports Radio?

    I don't get it. Boston has grown large enough to not have 1 but 2 Sports Radio stations running simultaneously for the last 10 years and outside of Toucher and Rich, there is not a single program that I'm interested in with any regularity, and I crave Boston sports talk since I haven't lived...
  2. HomeBrew1901

    New HD TV Options

    My wife and I are looking at buying a new TV as a joint anniversary gift to each other. Our last TV still works great but it's a 40 inch Sony and we want to go up to 55 (would love 60 but I think that would be too much).   Since we don't often spend on luxuries I would like to keep it around...
  3. HomeBrew1901

    NHL Center Ice - Worth It?

    For the most part I only watch the Bruins and now that I'm living out of state and in Penguins and Capitals Territory I'm considering buying it for the season. It is worth the $160 or are there other alternatives?
  4. HomeBrew1901

    Fixing WEEI

    There have been a lot of posts in a number of threads about the demise of WEEI and quite honestly I don't see a quick and easy fix. They have mis-managed things to the point where all the bench talent seems to be on The Sports Hub already but presumably the bench could go to EEI if they were...
  5. HomeBrew1901

    Peter Abraham .... Take 3

    I'm starting a new Peter Abraham thread because I found the below article that Foulkey Posted in the "Fire Bobby V" thread. I've never been a fan of Abraham but he is actually pretty good with Toucher and Rich on TSH and I thought the article linked was well done...
  6. HomeBrew1901

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    I was worried that I was going to hate this show but it has replaced "The Big Show" as my go to show in the afternoon/evening. I haven't listened to The Big Show for that 5 minutes in the last week and a half and I believe I am smarter for it. Today's interview with Francona a few minutes ago...
  7. HomeBrew1901

    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    I listened toggling back and forth between T&R and D&C and man T&R sucked ass this morning. I tune in to hear Toucher bitching about traveling, wasn't bad, standard radio. What sucked is when they had Amalie Benjamin on. First, he couldn't even pronounce her first name right, then came the...