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  1. BoSoxFink

    Game 4 - Bruins @ Blues

    Bruins can’t do anything 5 on 5 this series and that is terrifying
  2. BoSoxFink

    Game 4 - Bruins @ Blues

    The blues forecheck is destroying them
  3. BoSoxFink

    West Finals: Sharks vs. Blues

    This is the most frustrated I’ve ever been with the officiating and I don’t like either team or care about either team. However I am growing to hate the sharks, simply because they have a horseshoe up their ass and are being saved by the officials multiple times. NHL has a lot of work to do...
  4. BoSoxFink

    NHL Playoff Predictions

    I just realized you predicted the lightning to go 16-0 in the playoffs haha
  5. BoSoxFink

    Bruins @ Pens

    What is your cable service? I wonder if we are the only ones experiencing it in here because we use the same service. I stream using YouTube tv
  6. BoSoxFink

    Bruins @ Pens

    Just came here to see if others were having the same problem. I can’t hear it at all. They sound muffled.
  7. BoSoxFink

    2019-01-16 Bruins at Gritty

    Yes, but I feel like this has always been the style philly is most successful in. This is not the way the bruins play generally
  8. BoSoxFink

    2019-01-16 Bruins at Gritty

    No defense to be found. This favors philly
  9. BoSoxFink

    1/10 - Bruins vs Capitals

    14 fucking times in a row. This is such a joke.
  10. BoSoxFink

    1/3 - Bruins vs Flames

    Did Jack just make a dick shrinkage joke?
  11. BoSoxFink

    BC Football 2018...Talk Moose off the Tobin Bridge

    Ahhh thanks, that makes sense. I use PlayStation vue and of course they don’t carry that station. Damn!
  12. BoSoxFink

    BC Football 2018...Talk Moose off the Tobin Bridge

    What channel is this game on? It says ACC network but when I put the espn channel on its blacked out it says.
  13. BoSoxFink

    10/3- Bruins @ Capitals

    Can this thing go up any slower?
  14. BoSoxFink

    10/3- Bruins @ Capitals

    Can we fucking play hockey already? Jesus
  15. BoSoxFink

    July 2018 NHL News

    Tampa is going to be fucking stacked. Especially on the blue line. Hedman, Karlsson, McDonagh and Sergachev is a ridiculis top 4 and they still have Girardi and Coburn as their 3rd pair. It’s nuts
  16. BoSoxFink

    Cousins signs 1-year deal with Warriors

    Even if it isn’t they’re still far and away the best team in the league. He can only improve them
  17. BoSoxFink

    Bruins in 18-19

    I will not get excited, I will not get excited, I will not get excited...... I’M EXCITED!!! And yes I’m well aware the odds are very low he comes here and the contract may be absurd and look very bad at the end, but I can’t help it.
  18. BoSoxFink

    2018 Stanley Cup Final- Sin City vs. Vegas

    I loved that save too because of the situation but if you watch it closely, Gionta shot back towards the middle of the net rather than to the near side. Definitely helped Thomas on that one
  19. BoSoxFink

    BC Eagles hoops 2017-2018

    Well I’ve been put in my place