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  1. BoSoxFink

    Bruins: post mortem

    So what happens this offseason? Are both Julien and Chia gone? Or just one? Or neither? What players are gone? What moves should the team make to improve? Here is your chance to give your input, and provide what you think should happen. What say you Sosh?
  2. BoSoxFink

    Bruins Offseason Moves

    A lot of us are still hurting after last night, but it's time to move on and start thinking about next year. Forwards - I think the Bruins could really use someone to go with Krejci with a little more scoring touch. I would not mind bringing back Iginla for the right deal, but I would also...
  3. BoSoxFink

    Bruins 5v6 End of Game - How do they look?

    did you watch the whole game last night? There were plenty of times they looked disinterested and sloppy. Jack Edwards was saying it all night long. The one major play that comes to mind was when Marchand and Boychuck nearly destroyed eachother when skating around in their own end. On top of...