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    Red Sox Greatest Hits

    My favorite Red Sox hit actually being present at the game was Rico Brogna's walk off grand slam. I was 9 or 10 years old or so, and my dad and I started a "Rico! Rico!" chant that the entire crowd ended up joining in on. Then he went deep. I also have a fuzzy memory of some drunk guy trying to...
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    Commentator evaluation: Joe Buck

    I don't know for sure obviously but I think when he almost lost his voice in 2011 he took that as an opportunity to become more animated with his calls because he's been one of the best since 2013. I didn't mind him in the past except for things like the "disgusting act by Randy Moss", but...
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    FO's Scott Kacsmar fired over racist tweets

    He was on another multi day and night Pats hate tweet bender before these tweets were exposed
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    2018 NBA Finals

    I hope I outlive LeBron so I can take a steaming dump on his gravestone
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    Glenn Ordway launches new web site & show

    From Chad Finn's chat the other day:      
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    Edit - beaten by Corsi I got a great laugh out of that
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    Wow. The anger. The rage.
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    DukeSox Likes Rick Reilly

    ReillyRick Martin Kaymer v 2014 U.S. Open = Germany v 1939 Poland --   What the hell, Rick. What the hell.
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    Kirk and Callahan: Done

      Shortly after this Dennis said that Ron White (the guy in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour that isn't Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, or Bill Engvall) was the funniest man in the world.   "He holds a cigar in one hand.... and a glass of scotch in the other!!!"
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    ESPN Is Pathetic

    I watched Around the Horn for the first time in awhile last Tuesday. They lead off with the great Bruins comeback vs the Leafs. They get to Plaschke and I was getting douche chills in anticipation in what he was going to say, and he goes (paraphrasing) "I GIVE FULL CREDIT TO BRUINS POWER PLAY...
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    The fans are bashing on the glass outside of the Postgame Live set and Felger coming back from break goes "They're gonna break the fucking windows"
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Anyone hear that guy going on a screaming rant about the Canadiens? Last thing he said was "PURPLE HEADED" and then he got dumped. They were both slumped over their chairs laughing and went to commercial
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    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    @JohnDennisWEEI Love the NESN in game promo CORRECTLY points out @JohnDennisWEEI & @GerryCallahan is MOST LISTENED to morning show in ALL of New England ‏@BlakeJM @JohnDennisWEEI @gerrycallahan just not Boston...   ‏@JohnDennisWEEI @BlakeJM Just everything, everywhere Jason.   ‏@BlakeJM...