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  1. Oppo

    Root root root for the **** team

    Now that there’s 2 full days without baseball and past the tossup round, what’s your rooting order? Atl Oak Mia SD TB Hou LAD NYY
  2. Oppo

    Giving up the Ghost

    3 x Super Bowl champion 4 x Pro Bowl 3 x All Pro 479 consecutive PATs All time Pats leading scorer 87.4% career FG 88.6% career playoff FG Thank you! Forget the misses, share a favorite memory
  3. Oppo

    Rooting Interests

    Who are you rooting for besides Boston? Milwaukee: Fun team who's made quite a few risky player acquisitions the last couple years; least unlikable from an AL/Boston standpoint Oakland: homerun happy and complete surprise; Can send home a100 win team in a one game WC Cleveland: Francona plus...
  4. Oppo

    2018 NFL Hall of Fame

    Didn't see this posted yesterday but 2018 Hall of Fame semifinalists announced. Former Pats include Law, Seymour, and Moss. Also the IR-ed Holt.
  5. Oppo

    Fish Special-Marlins to be sold?

    Per MLBtraderumors: The Marlins have a “handshake agreement” in place to sell the team to a New York-based real estate developer for the price of $1.6 billion, reports Mike Ozanian of Forbes. Ozanian cites two anonymous sources that claim to have been told by Marlins president David Samson that...
  6. Oppo

    The Unbeatens

    Who will be the last team to lose this year? Strangely, after 2 weeks only 7 teams are 2-0. Next 4 opponents listed. Bills (SD, @Hou, @Det, NE) Bengals (Ten, @NE, Car, @Ind) Texans (@NYG, Buf, @Dal, Ind) Broncos (@Sea, Arz, @NYJ, SD) Panthers (Pit, @Bal, Chi, @Cin) Eagles (Was, @SF, StL, NYG)...