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  1. Jed Zeppelin

    2/29 Celtics vs. Rockets

    Beat these assholes.
  2. Jed Zeppelin

    2/26 Celtics at Jazz

    Watch out for Joe Ingles.
  3. Jed Zeppelin

    2/25 Celtics at Blazers

    Come on now I know I’m not the only one staying up tonight.
  4. Jed Zeppelin

    1/15 Celtics vs. Pistons

    Play hard and put this one away early. I'll be honest I googled to make sure Ish Smith didn't get traded to the Pistons.
  5. Jed Zeppelin

    1/13 Celtics vs. Bulls

    Zach LaVine will score lots of points, but it will not matter.
  6. Jed Zeppelin

    1/11 Celtics vs. Pelicans

    Sack up there is a game in 10 minutes.
  7. Jed Zeppelin

    11/20 Celtics at Clipper(sonal day)s

    I suppose I shouldn’t make fun as I am also taking a day today for load management.
  8. Jed Zeppelin

    11/18 Celtics at S(Manb)uns

    The game is late but I would never miss the chance to watch Marcus defend Australia in the post.
  9. Jed Zeppelin

    1 Opening in Port Cellar Fantasy Football League ($25 Entry)

    Posting here for greater visibility. Port Cellar FF is in Year 5 and we're in need of a new owner. This link will take you to the post kicking off the league year, including the roster tracker sheet where you can find the available roster (max 3 keeper league). If that is too many clicks, here...
  10. Jed Zeppelin

    The ‘18-‘19 Kings/Grizzlies/Clippers: Tracking the Picks

    Kings: 27-55 Pick owed: 2019 FRP Top 1 Protected (It goes to Philly if #1, with Boston getting Philly’s FRP instead) Grizzlies: 22-60 Pick owed: 2019 FRP 1-8 protected, or 1-6 in ‘20, or unprotected in ‘21 Clippers: 40-42 Pick owed: FRP lotto protected in 2019 or 2020 Long live my reign of...
  11. Jed Zeppelin

    The 2017-18 Brooklyn Nets: Who Cares?

    The end of an era approaches. Last night further cemented the greatness of Billy King, one of the best team-builders this league has ever seen. We got our two-way wing. In a month we get our star guard. A year from now, we'll be in the mix of a lotto highlighted by bigs. I'll have plenty of...
  12. Jed Zeppelin

    The Sanders Watch

    Random twitter sources saying the C's worked out Larry Sanders recently.
  13. Jed Zeppelin

    2016-17 UMass Basketball: Kellogg's Last Stand

    Working from home today so getting my first look at this year's squad. They're 9-3, though I can't speak to the quality of their schedule thus far. Looking pretty good at Georgia State today. Aside from the occasional bout of poor decision-making, they've been in control. Very long and active on...
  14. Jed Zeppelin

    Dicks Out For Harambe - the state of Boston hockey media

    What the hell happened to these guys? Didn't we use to like Haggs and Fluto or am I having a cream cheese-aided fever dream?
  15. Jed Zeppelin

    Brooklyn Nets 2016-17 (the Year of the Swap)

    I've been reading far too much negative talk about only landing the #3 pick and all of X, Y, and Z being suddenly unavailable in trade. Cheer up. We get two more tanktastic Nets' seasons to enjoy (before we move on to Grizzwatch, of course). Let's talk about it! First, some housekeeping. Sean...
  16. Jed Zeppelin

    The Fantastic, Flopping Marcus Smart

    Marcus might be our best interior defender at this point, sadly.
  17. Jed Zeppelin

    Celtics as a FA destination (broken from trade rumors)

    I'm a pessimist in any Boston-as-free agent-destination conversation so view this through that lens, but if he's already unlikely to sign with the team currently holding his Bird Rights, why should I be particularly excited about becoming the next team to hold his Bird Rights?
  18. Jed Zeppelin

    Port Cellar Fantasy Football? Poll Added 8/25

    Sort of late notice but any interest in getting a league together? My only personal criteria is a standard draft and no IDP but beyond that I'd be open to anything. If there's enough interest we could vote on particulars (casual/$, ppr/standard, keepers etc). Just looking to pick up a second...
  19. Jed Zeppelin

    Rafael Devers

    Devers was the #3 international prospect last summer and signed for $1.5 mil, the biggest bonus the Sox have given to a Latin American player since Vinicio and Iglesias in '09 (Lin signed for $2mil in '12). He turned 17 in October.   BA blurb:   Devers was reportedly very impressive at...
  20. Jed Zeppelin

    NBA Trade Deadline Discussion

    The deadline is about two weeks away on February 20 @ 3 pm, so I figured I'd start a catch-all thread as the rumor mill begins heating up. Any noteworthy deals that actually occur can be split out into their own threads.   Let's start with a rumor that appears to have some substance behind it...