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  1. crow216

    September 8, 2020 - Yankees fight for their life

    The third place New York Yankees attempt to catch the Toronto Blue Jays as they drop a series of defeating losses. Twitter is calling for Cashman's head, fans are calling for Boone's head. Personally? I blame the weird season and players like Hicks and Sanchez who should have been able to sit...
  2. crow216

    8/9 - Pax @ Mor

    If Paxton wants that big offseason contract, he better turn it around soon. Two starts so far, 4ip total and hasn't looked like the pitcher who we expected would dominate when healthy. SSS, of course. On the other hand, we are 25% through the season and are playing 667 baseball. I think we'd...
  3. crow216

    Keuchel to Braves

    Former Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel and the Atlanta Braves are in agreement on a deal, a source with knowledge of the situation tells ESPN.
  4. crow216

    Kimbrel to Cubs

    Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal · 3m BREAKING: #Cubs in agreement with free-agent closer Craig Kimbrel, pending physical, sources tell The Athletic.
  5. crow216

    MLB Trade Deadline News & Rumors

    Surprised not to see a general MLB thread. Some rumors out there today that Philly and Balt have a handshake agreement in place for MM. "Just got a text saying Phils and Orioles have a "Handshake Agreement" in place for Machado. What does that mean? Nothing. Absolutely nothing."
  6. crow216

    Yankees Trade Rumors & News

    Kevin Davidoff reports that the Yankees and Mets have had several conversations According to The Detroit Free Press, Yankees had scouts watching Fulmer's last start...
  7. crow216

    Baseball - Hot Mic Edition (NSFW)

    This may be one of the best I've heard where Syndergaard got tossed without a warning.
  8. crow216

    2017 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    What a season! Didn't end as good as it could have but I think we all wish spring training was next week already. The roster is exciting and as talented as we've had in maybe 30 years. Before the player roster has any changes, Cashman's & Girardi's fate will have to be decided. There is no...
  9. crow216

    Sonny Gray Traded to Yanks

    Deal done, no word on who is moving yet.
  10. crow216

    Outfielder Arms: the good, the bad and the ugly

    Maybe people here with a lot more historical knowledge could help me out with this one. Are there more outfielders today with garbage arms than there were, say, 30-60 years ago?