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  1. brandonchristensen

    Mike Trout card sells for more than Honus Wagner T206 Call me nuts, but I hate this. A 1 out of 1 card which is just forced rarity sells at auction for over $3M, eclipsing the endless record set by the famous T206 Honus Wagner card. I grew up in the late 80's/early 90's collecting...
  2. brandonchristensen

    8/12 - We're Probably Going To Lose Today...

    And you know what? That's fine. Just fine.
  3. brandonchristensen

    Kyle Van Noy to the Dolphins

    Big money. View: The #Dolphins are signing former #Patriots LB Kyle Van Noy to a 4-year deal worth $51M, source said. Big-time spending. (edit) Crap I didn’t see the FA thread. Figured this was bigger news.
  4. brandonchristensen

    Forbes: Sox on the verge of a contract extension with Chris Sale ($35/year) There's not much corroboration yet, still looking for more... $35m is pretty steep. EDIT: Thread is premature, he's the only one saying anything about it. Apologies...
  5. brandonchristensen

    The Final Day Of The 2011 Season

    They will go down as the most thrilling 129 minutes in baseball history. Never before and likely never again—if we even dare to assume anything else can be likely ever again—will baseball captivate and exhilarate on so many fronts in so small a window the way it did September 28, 2011. - Tom...
  6. brandonchristensen

    Jimmy G is Staying Put in San Fran...

    Just signed a 5 year deal... Details in a minute. The 49ers and QB Jimmy Garoppolo have agreed to a five-year, $137.5 million contract, source says. The biggest deal in NFL history on a average-per-year basis.
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    Josh Beckett announces retirement

    He didn't wait too long after losing...    
  8. brandonchristensen

    Jerry Jones Sued For Sexual Assault

    Here we go again!       Finally, one of the Cowboys scores!    
  9. brandonchristensen

    Patriots Then and Now

    These are some really cool photoshops that someone did and were put on Wasn't me.   Your Patriots Then and Now   EDIT In hindsight, the title of this thread is more compelling than it actually is. Perhaps a mod can add " Photoshops" or something?
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    Tom Brady will remain the only unanimous MVP   This is hilarious.    
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    Jerry Remy back to the booth in '14