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    2020 NFL: In-season News and Transactions

    Ugh, sounds like someone pining for the "good old days". I don't like to generalize about people without meeting them/hearing about them, but his holier than thou "character counts" shtick rings a bit hollow when he bad mouths his employer, leaves, comes back for a ceremony, eats from the hand...
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    Greatest not famous athlete you ever saw

    Jerry Auzmah. I competed against him in track in high school. He was insanely fast, built like a pro when he was in HS. His team, Saint Peter-Marian, was horrendous, he was the only person who placed in the top 3 in any event for SPM at the meet, winning the 100 (he had a bad start on my schools...
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    2020 NFL: League Manipulating Games? No, Holds Barred!

    GoT fans were looking for "You the master of the grammar now, too?"
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    2020 Pats: Belichick Breakdowns & Beatdowns

    Coming here to post the same thing. He got beat twice, but made the right play both times. Too bad he's 225 lbs, that's pretty light for a BB linebacker. Heck, he's not that much bigger than Dugger.
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    2020 Football Team: A Capital Scandal

    Yeah, the latest instances of harassment are a complete non-shocker. About 5-6 years ago I would go to at least one game a year at FedEx in the luxury boxes with a friend who's company had one of the largest boxes aside from Snyder and FedEx. There were cheerleaders who were sent to spend time...
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    2020 Pats: Cam Can't Cook

    Yeah, BB really hates it when people are pissy with the media after a loss.
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    2020 Pats: Cam Can't Cook

    In Stidham/Newton vs. Stidham/Hoyer debate, I also consider the playing styles and offensive packages. Stidham and Newton have a much similar physical styles than Stidham/Hoyer, so there is a lot less change in package if they switch QB mid-stream. Also, Newton might have more to contribute in...
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    Gone Brady Gone

    Brady continues to be the poster boy for "He might be an asshole, but he's our asshole." A lot of his shit, like the pseudoscience BS, <tantrums>"competitiveness"</tantrums>, etc, was easy to overlook when he was winning NEP championships, but now that he is in TB it's as easy to not overlook...
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    What do the Pats do at 23?

    I can see them taking at least one player on each side of the line. They obviously need some edge help, but expecting a rookie to come in a play the 5 technique well is asking a lot of a player not named Richard Seymour. I wonder if they stock up on OL and TE to help protect Stidhum, strengthen...
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    What do the Pats do at 23?

    Since 2000 BB has used the Pat's first pick on an offensive or defensive lineman first 11 times and a linebacker 2 times. Three of the drafts where the Pat's top pick went to a position other than a front-7 or o-line gets, a lineman has gone with their second pick. In the 4 years where no...
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    Patriots HOF Finalists

    Would the Patriots have made the Super Bowl without Glenn? Would Duane Clemmons or Tony Brackens (the two most often cited targets for Parcells with the pick) put them over the edge? Imagine if Parcells does make the #6 pick a defensive player, what is the domino effect? If Parcells goes for a...
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    Patriots HOF Finalists

    I would accept the argument that Parcells brought an air of respectability and was an important culture change in New England, but I don't buy the idea that his presence kept then from becoming the St. Louis Stallions. Kraft bought the parking lot operating rights and then the stadium with the...
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    2020 Texans: Billy O'Brien Canned

    That sounds right up the McNair Family ally. I know Bob died a couple years ago, but this is in line with the things he has said in the past. Not sure what his kids are like, but maybe they're smarter than he was about saying things in public.
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    Biggest Sox Prospect Busts by Position

    I was on my senior class trip to this ranch place on in Western Mass by the Connecticut River on the day of the 1999 MLB Draft and Northbridge happened to be there that day, too. The ranch had a pool, mini golf, softball and a bunch of other stuff. We gathered a bunch of guys from our school and...
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    NFL Playoffs Expansion with a Potential 17th Game

    When you look at CBD you often see "Isolate" or "Full Spectrum" on the label. Isolate is THC free, where as Full Spectrum has some THC in the mix, usually .3% or less. There is some evidence that CBD is more effective when combined with other cannabinoids, including THC, what is called the...
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    Dante Scarnecchia Retires

    Harry Heistand is also looking for a job. He did a pretty good job with improving the Bears oline in 2018 and while there was some regression last year, he produced some monsters at Notre Dame. The Patriots could do worse.
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    AB Watch II: Quarantonio Brown

    Mostly PED suspensions, but in some cases free agents are suspended for other things. Josh Brown was suspended 6 games in 2017 for domestic violence (after an investigation that lasted a year, even though he admitted abusing his wife before his initial one game suspension that caused a lot of...
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    AB Watch II: Quarantonio Brown

    The NFL suspends free agents all the time. A quick google search pulled up 4 free agents who were suspended this year alone. Max McCaffrey was suspended for 10 games about 10 days ago.
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    2019 NFL: Trade Deadline Thread

    Offensive Line, no questions. Four of Washington's 9 sacks on the season came against the Patriots and Brady was off against Buffalo. Add in the stagnation of the running game and bolstering the OL seems like an imperative, especially when you consider the injuries the OL has already suffered...
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    2019 Pats ST: Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

    Bailey wanted to do kickoffs in the preseason, but his college numbers, 173 touchbacks in 291 kickoffs, 59%, would put him in the lowest quartile of touchbacks in the NFL. It obviously doesn't factor the returners taking the ball out of the end zone or the higher kicking tee in college, but he...