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  1. snowmanny

    2020 Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    I do think many great athletes, and many extremely successful people in general, are great in part because they are all-consumed with winning and developing their craft, and as a result they are n some ways a little weird. The sort of “If I were Jordan/Pedro/Teddy Ballgame/John...
  2. snowmanny

    2020 Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    No fan of Antonio Brown the person. He is a hell of a football player. Sometimes though it’s hard to remember all the NFL players and coaches that have done horrible things that would preclude me from rooting for their team if I had morals. I know the Chiefs, and I guess the Browns, who else? I...
  3. snowmanny

    2020 Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Good luck with that.
  4. snowmanny

    2020 WS: Dodgers vs. Rays

    Eh. I hate the Dodgers. They’ve already won a WS in a contrived year. 1981. Rooting for the Rays but I’m guessing Dodgers in 6.
  5. snowmanny

    The Pre-Game Thread: Wk.6 vs Denver

    Yeah, no I know. I am not a big fan of what the NFL is doing and I apologize if it came across that way. My point is that the NFL made a determination that they were going to get through the season basically no matter what. That was the plan. It is a given that there will be cases. It was even a...
  6. snowmanny

    The Pre-Game Thread: Wk.6 vs Denver

    I don’t know...people test positive at my workplace and the rest of us all show up the next day.
  7. snowmanny

    Great Memories in Celtics History: Offseason viewing and re-viewing thread

    Game 5 1976: My Dad was concerned I was going to that game since I had SATs early the next morning. I assured him I’d be home by about 10:30. That 1981 series was epic. The late comeback in Game 5. Then on to Philly where they had lost something like 15 games in a row and were down by 17. And...
  8. snowmanny

    2020 NCAA Football

    Pretty sure football is the priority here.
  9. snowmanny

    Should the Red Sox Bring Back Alex Cora as Manager?

    A comfortable majority of the managers hired by the Red Sox during my lifetime were not very good. Cora seemed good. Now maybe and maybe even very likely Bloom is better at picking managers than O'Connell and Gorman, But still, I'd take Cora over door number three.
  10. snowmanny

    Joe Morgan passes away at 77

    In a way it was his 1973 season that kind of seemed to start to mainstream the idea that the world was looking at the wrong numbers and the wrong stuff when determining the worth of a ballplayer. Pete Rose won the MVP narrowly and controversially over Willie Stargell largely on the strength of...
  11. snowmanny

    2020 Pats: DT Byron Cowart Tests Positive

    Isn’t Ian Rapoport suspended?
  12. snowmanny

    2020 Pats: Gilmore Tests Positive for C-19 but Asymptomatic

    I thought that plow forward was probably the plan from the beginning. Unless you seal it off like the NBA you are going to have issues, and if you keep interrupting and postponing you risk never getting through. And this is a league that used replacement players for three games and amateur refs...
  13. snowmanny

    2020 Pats: Gilmore Tests Positive for C-19 but Asymptomatic

    So if it is week 17 and you are the division leader playing the second-place team, and you are a game ahead, and the other team won the first should have an outbreak and forfeit.
  14. snowmanny

    10/5–Pats at Chiefs

    Can I kill him twice?
  15. snowmanny

    10/5–Pats at Chiefs

    That was a huge mistake.
  16. snowmanny

    10/5–Pats at Chiefs

    I am homicidal. Cut this guy now. This is Grady Little level.
  17. snowmanny

    10/5–Pats at Chiefs

    Break out the triple option with Stidham
  18. snowmanny

    10/5–Pats at Chiefs

    Oh go
  19. snowmanny

    Former SeaDog Haeger found dead after woman's killing

    Let's see how that goes.