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  1. cheekydave

    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Cannot even imagine how a Mother buries her child leave alone her husband, whether you are a well know luminary or Joe the Plumber.
  2. cheekydave

    2020 MLB Hall of Fame News and Notes

    One writer? Where can i send him 10 bucks for a cocktail.
  3. cheekydave

    2019 NFL Week 11 Game Thread

    Just watched this. Wow. Dagoberto Camperneris throwing a bat a Leron Largrow head level violence.
  4. cheekydave

    2019 ALCS - Yankees vs. Astros - General Gamethread

    Out of respect for the excellent posters here that are NY fans, Ill just say great game, and off to BostonSports biased forums to screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!
  5. cheekydave

    Playoffs? Playoffs!??!?!?

    When was the last time a team had 3 30 Hr 100 RBI .300 AVG plus guys and didnt make the playoffs?
  6. cheekydave

    David Andrews Out with Blood Clots in Lungs

    Fiskful of Dollars tremendous explanation thank you. See you healthy and whole next year ( Andrews) you are way too young a man to leave this earth. You can be a sideline coach if you like:>)
  7. cheekydave

    2019 Trade Deadline

    actually, not for me. Sox have won 4 rings this century, they taste pretty good. Yankees are 1 for the Century, and OH for this decade, they havent missed MAKING a WS in a decade in I think, forever? The reality NOW is they feel tremendous pressure to be relevant again, and once again this year...
  8. cheekydave

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Glad we didnt make some stupid trade, ok with letting the season play out, and pretty chuffed the Yankees got bupkis, and Houston got pitching. They are freaking out here in NY, and oh it is so sweet.
  9. cheekydave

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Greinke Astros!!!!
  10. cheekydave

    Tyler Skaggs passes away

    27 YEARS OLD????? Horrendous. Feel horrible for his friends and family, especially his parents. 27???
  11. cheekydave

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    its been real folks.
  12. cheekydave

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Ok, TV off, following the game in this thread only. Good luck Gentlemen, looking forward tro everyone losing their collective shit when the Bruins score the next 3 goals. Patriots did it. Red Sox did it, now time for the Bruins to do it.
  13. cheekydave

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Blues have 10 shots on Goal in 2 periods? Is that a record low. When the Patriots were down 28-3, and the Red Sox were down 3 games to zip against the fucking yankees, I accepted the loss, but thought, just play well the rest of the game. Relax, and just play your added of for respect and pride...
  14. cheekydave

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    As a Dad to a 7 year old, please let your spouse know it is MANDATORY the kids get to stay up and watch with Dad, or vice versa.. Tell her or him it is a memory they will cherish until they are 99 years old, win or lose. As far as Lurkers here for 15 years? OMG thats committment, maybe we could...
  15. cheekydave

    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    I was in the car, he asked Rose about the 75 and 76 series, and when Rose started to talk, Mike kept cutting him off, and telling us all about how Mike remmebrs this and Mike remembers that.... I was about to scream Shuthtefuckup out loud, but my kid was in the car, man he is infuriating.
  16. cheekydave

    Game 1 - Bruins v. Blues

    Another "bandwagon fan" here checking in. I grew totally immersed watching the Bruins, watched every single game from 1967 to around 1986, then moved on from Hockey. I come around every year to this forum though in the Playoffs, as NHL Playoff hockey is the BEST sport there is. LOVE coming to...
  17. cheekydave

    2019 Mets: My Agent Is Now My GM

    Has anyone seen Cathy Bates?
  18. cheekydave


    Im hard pressed to remember any batter who can be so terrible for long stretches of times, but then can also get insanely hot for 6 weeks or so. Ho does talent disappear, and reappear? Cannot remember any other ballplayer doing this and Ive been watching since 1966.
  19. cheekydave

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    You had never had a subscription? Bastards, Ive had one for 5 years, sat this year out, checking my emails now...