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  1. cheekydave

    Hanley Ramirez Rumors

    Word on EEI and the Net is that there is some very...interesting news about to break about HanRam....
  2. cheekydave

    Matt Harvey Just got DFA

    The Dark Knight is done. Refused an assignment to the Minors, so ta tah.
  3. cheekydave

    Matt Harvey suspended 3 games..

    Harvey suspended 3 games by the Mets for Breaking Team Rules. Scuttlebutt ( haha) Is that the Huge Back Dildo he put in a teammates locker was the reason why.
  4. cheekydave

    Teixeira done for the season with fractured leg

    MRI found a fracture in his leg and of course meant Teixiera
  5. cheekydave

    Jorge scammed out of 11 MILLION bucks

    Poor Georgie       New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada is scammed out of $11 MILLION in 'jaw-dropping' money-management scam     Jorge Posada...
  6. cheekydave

    Dale Scott announces he is gay

    The First Openly Gay and Active Game Official in Professional Sports
  7. cheekydave

    More Suspensions to Come?

    Here we go again. TJ Quinn said MORE players names have come up from Boschs records, and MORE suspensions are coming. TJ Quinn also said the two most common responses he is getting is " Please let it be Ortiz! and "Please let it be Jeter!   OH by the way Cousin Yuri also get arrested today.    ...
  8. cheekydave

    Paul George suffered horrendous injury

    Looked like he snapped his leg off at the shin
  9. cheekydave

    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    OMG the new opener they just played, my ears are bleeding