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    Quickbooks help

    So, I'm trying to help my dad buyout his partner from his business. The guy hasn't been there in six months and is moving across the country. He made him a very fair (in my opinion too generous, but whatever) offer and gave him a hard copy of the last year to date (2019) of the business. The guy...
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    iPhone 11

    Surprised to not see anything on the new iPhone 11 series. We were due for an upgrade and switching from ATT to Verizon, we got $500 for trade in and a $200 Mastercard debit card (all x2). We got the 11Pro at 256GB; hers in gold, mine in hunter green. I was a bit disappointed they jumped...
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    GPS Navigation - Garmin/TomTom or Cell Phone

    Looking for recommendations for what to use for GPS. I recently took a new job where I'll be driving a lot and don't want to be driving around looking for a place staring down at my phone and risking driving unsafely. For those that use GPS regularly, do you have a dedicated unit, like a Garmin...
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    Active Hall of Famers

    I couldn't help but notice that Frank Gore moved into the #8 spot on the rushing list tonight, moving past Tony Dorsett. It's pretty unlikely that he will pass Eric Dickerson this season, but he's under contract for next year and short of injury or severe drop off, he will likely finish the 2017...
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    2016 UDFA Party Platter

    What does the list of UFA look like at RB? Maybe they thought the difference was negligible enough to take a swing at a couple other positions?
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    How Much Did LL Have to do With Baseball Ops?

    What do you think Lucchino's job was?
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    Trouble with iPhone 6 after iOS 9 update

    My 75 year old dad decided he would update he and my mom's phones last night and today he realized that all of his content now middle my mother's stuff. Contacts, apps etc. I factory reset the phone and restored through the iCloud to a previous backup from last night and it did not help. They...
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    Did my phone get hacked?

    So I left in a hurry this morning, was running late for a tee time and I forgot my phone. Getting back, I ran through my new messages to find this text message Big Daddy is me. So my phone sent itself two text messages while I was asleep at 4:15 this morning. I've never had this happen...
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    Apple TV 3

    Apologies if this is covered in another thread, but is there a reliable jailbreak for a third generation Apple TV yet? I see a few on the Google machine, but I'm wondering if they are safe, effective and reliable. I really just want to add Amazon Prime, so I'm not looking to do anything crazy...
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    MLB Predictions 2015

    Let's see who's least wrong. Do this every year with a friend. AL East: Blue Jays AL Central: Indians AL West: Mariners AL WC1: Red Sox AL WC2: White Sox ALDS: Red Sox over Blue Jays; Mariners over Indians ALCS: Mariners over Red Sox NL East: Nationals NL Central: Pirates NL West: Padres...