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  1. slamminsammya

    Fenway Sports Group in Talks to Take Sports Holdings Public

    I don't know much about business but it seems like the opposite if the intention is to raise funds to buy more clubs.
  2. slamminsammya

    Doc Rivers fired by Clippers.

    I mean, I liked Doc when he was in Boston. But has Doc Rivers ever been one of the best coaches in the NBA? Does he get into the HOF just on pure longevity? I guess its different with coaches but if he gets into the HOF that seems nuts to me.
  3. slamminsammya

    2020 NFL: League Manipulating Games? No, Holds Barred!

    And so the circle of life continues. Remember the pre-2004 days? What a time for defenses.
  4. slamminsammya

    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    good game so far! playoff rondo is a thing why is that disrespectful? its a compliment
  5. slamminsammya

    Jayson Tatum Needs His Own Thread

    These are all good points. Nevertheless, I imagine if you adjusted for pace and league factors like rebound rate and efficiency etc he'd still be in some pretty rarified company.
  6. slamminsammya

    Choose Your Own Adventure: Celtics 2020 Offseason

    I love this. Can't wait to see if Romeo can play. It will be an odd regular season next year since they probably should be giving significant developmental minutes to TL, Romeo, and Granite. Not sure how any of the guys they draft this year will see the floor.
  7. slamminsammya

    Will he stay or will he go now? Kanter opt-in or out thread

    He's already a pretty good offensive player, and stepping out to the three point line would negate his impact on the offensive glass which is a big component of his value there. His issue is the defense. Not sure adding an outside shot really adds much for him.
  8. slamminsammya

    What is this team missing?

    He was shown up by the coach of the year whose team he defeated? What were the awful gaffes?
  9. slamminsammya

    What is this team missing?

    I was cheekily implying Giannis will get moved to GS and also that Tatum will have another leap.
  10. slamminsammya

    What is this team missing?

    I am pretty bearish on Timelord since his defensive instincts seem very bad, but centers occasionally take a while to pick that stuff up. Is he able to find the minutes to figure his shit out though?
  11. slamminsammya

    Kemba Walker to Boston

    I mean, hes a defensive liability, but name a playoff team that doesn't have one. People tend to forget in the emotion of watching these intense playoff games that not everyone can be incredible two way players.
  12. slamminsammya

    What is this team missing?

    I will bet the Celtics have the best player in the Eastern Conference next season, which will be a huge advantage.
  13. slamminsammya

    What is this team missing?

    This seems to come up a lot in this forum. Can we name a team in the playoffs giving serious minutes to more than 8 guys? The Heat only had a 7 man rotation tonight, 5 minutes from Solomon Hill notwithstanding.
  14. slamminsammya

    What is this team missing?

    A six game series and you are going to focus on 12 minutes? They collapsed towards the end there but a lot of that was just shot luck and inexperience. What was the series overall point differential?
  15. slamminsammya

    What is this team missing?

    This thread is premised on the winning fallacy, namely that we only focus on what went wrong for the team that lost a series. Let's not forget that these teams were very evenly matched and a few random events changing would have swung the series to the Celtics. Jimmy Butler hitting a fallaway...
  16. slamminsammya

    What is this team missing?

    A healthy Gordon Hayward.
  17. slamminsammya

    ECF Game 6 - Tired of this %*#*

    Ya Tatum had Theis wide open for a long when he made that fallaway
  18. slamminsammya

    ECF Game 6 - Tired of this %*#*

    Who is gonna get stops?