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  1. donutogre

    8/18 - Crossing the streams

    Well, it's well after noon and no one else has started a game thread yet. We briefly discussed the notion of crossing the streams in yesterday's thread. And I'll be damned if I don't answer the call. You asked for it, @DJnVa.
  2. donutogre

    8/17 - I have nothing clever

    The Red Sox and this message board have brought me many years of joy, so I will not abdicate game thread responsibilities when it's clear we're going to need more starters than ever this season. Even though this team is not bringing me any joy in this shitty year. They've gotta luck into a win...
  3. donutogre

    NBA All-Kobe game 2020 (all-star game discussion)

    Not sure if anyone had seen this yet, but I don't see any discussion yet... apologies if it is being discussed elsewhere. NBA is obviously going to tribute the hell out of Kobe at the all-star game weekend, which, fine. Fourth quarter of the game will be commercial free, which I certainly...
  4. donutogre

    Pedro on the '99 ALDS: 'I've never been in more pain'

    Just saw this on and figured it would be of interest to, well, just about everyone. It's an oral history with quotes from all sorts of people involved in the game, including Pedro, Dave Roberts, Dan Duquette, Tek, JIM THOME and more...
  5. donutogre

    Facebook gets exclusive rights to 25 MLB games this season Good news is that these are largely Wednesday day games -- probably among the least-viewed games on the entire MLB schedule. Bad news is that if you were hoping to tune in on MLB.TV, I just confirmed...
  6. donutogre

    Workman suspended for 6 games for throwing behind Longoria

    He was scheduled to start tomorrow. They HAVE to appeal this, yes?   MLB just suspended Brandon Workman for six games for throwing behind Longoria. — Pete Abraham (@PeteAbe) June 3, 2014