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    8/17 - I have nothing clever

    I am at the stage I am praying that the season has to be terminated early because of the medical crisis... Injuries happen, which teh Sox usually are able to overcome... But this abysmal excuse for a season is going to be the price we pay for selling our minor league talent to bring home the...
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    Petey chasing a mirage?

    This is unfortunately another of those dark sides of baseball reality. I think we pretty much all respect Petey for the grit and determination he brought to the games. He is a Red Sox icon... But his make-up is to never say quit - which is noble in some sense... But the business side of the...
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    Is the problem Dana LeVangie? Dombrowski's vision?

    My post posted before I was finished... I make your point in my full post
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    Is the problem Dana LeVangie? Dombrowski's vision?

    People will argue "Dombrowski knows better than you do", which I will readily grant, but the dumpster fire known as the Red Sox pitching staff is laughable. Yes, I know we are spoiled this year coming off arguably the great Red Sox team ever. But the signs were there even last year. Sale has...