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  1. Hairps

    Huh, Wade Miley projects to be pretty valuable

    I just started paying attention here so maybe it's already been covered but I was surprised to see that Miley projects to be about as valuable as some of the second-tier FA starters that I suspect some of the "smart" FOs will be targeting once Greinke is off the board. Cueto and Lackey are a cut...
  2. Hairps

    2015 Chicago Cubs: Theo and Maddon's (Unholy?) Alliance

    Lots of chatter about Maddon batting Lester eighth, which I saw SoxScout already covered in a tweet...   ...but I'll be more interested in tracking how consistently they pull their starting pitchers for pinch hitters earlier in a game...
  3. Hairps

    Who's Your choice for Sox Top of the Rotation Ace?

    Keeping with the spirit of the title of the "choice" would be Hideki Kuroda.   He's shown a penchant for signing one-year deals which, given the FO's commitment to flexibility, would be a nice fit. Just googling around, the conventional wisdom based on comments he (or his agent) has...
  4. Hairps

    Lester: Stop Believing What You Read on Twitter.

    I hope the front office is nearing the point of walking away. I suppose you could offer 6/$140 at this stage just for the extra PR spin of "going the extra mile." I've always like Lester and appreciate what he did for the club, but at these years & dollars it feels like it might be time to move on.
  5. Hairps

    The future at 3rd

    5/$95MM + a 6th year team option (at something like $10MM-$15MM) with a $6MM buyout would get Sandoval his $101MM guaranteed, and give the Red Sox an extra year of control on their on terms.   Not saying I'd necessarily do that if I were the Red Sox, but seems to me one reasonable way to bridge...
  6. Hairps

    Thank You Cuzittt!

    Thanks Cuzittt! And thanks to mabrowndog, as well -- a very welcome addition to every ml gameday thread this year.
  7. Hairps

    Getting to Know Yoenis Cespedes

    He's now a Red Sox. What should we know?   Consider it a placeholder for now but, here's his FanGraphs page to start:
  8. Hairps

    Trading Jon Lester (news and speculation thread)

      Thanks, Snod. It's also worth noting that of those teams PIT, STL, BAL, SEA, MIL and MIA all have recently-announced competitive balance lottery draft picks that can also be traded, (the draft slot and accompanying bonus amount, not the actual players picked next year).  ...
  9. Hairps

    Extending Lester

    At this point, I wonder if/when Lester's agent tries to force a trade. If we assume he's now intent on testing free agency, there would be real value from their perspective to Lester not having a qualifying offer attached to him.
  10. Hairps

    Spring Training 2014

    FWIW, I've done some periodic consulting work for them since they presented to a VC incubator conference weekend thing in TX a few years ago. Without talking about their clients specifically, there's been public discussion of their work with the Sox as recently as last October:  ...
  11. Hairps

    Catcher Framing Pt. 2

      Well, shit, you know what I mean. Not *in* the strike zone, but behind the strike zone whatever you call the place where the catcher squats. He was squatting much farther back in that area-not-called-the-stike-zone than most catchers, and farther back than that former catching coach had seen...
  12. Hairps

    Catcher Framing Pt. 2

    Great work, and an interesting thread. A few meandering thoughts come to mind, from someone who is definitely uneducated in this area...   - I started to wonder the other day how much of framing could be attributed to where the catcher sets up. I was watching an NC State vs. Florida State game a...
  13. Hairps

    Drew v. 2.0

  14. Hairps

    Extending Lester

    Speier, as usual, does a great job looking at a potential Lester extension:   Seems to me that folks are too easily choosing to ignore or explain away the downside risk...
  15. Hairps

    Sox Sign Sizemore

      Nobody cares.
  16. Hairps

    Extending Lester

    MacPherson goes all Dave Cameron on a possible Lester extension:
  17. Hairps

    Red Sox and Arbitration

    FWIW, one of the things I have heard repeatedly from (non-Sox) front office people is that arbitration has now supplanted draft signing bonus negotiations as the go-to process for the Commissioner's Office to insert themselves and just generally be an over-bearing, manipulative pain in the ass...
  18. Hairps

    Drew v. 2.0

    Yeah, what I'm thinking is that the "option" (barring an NTC) is always there for the team, but maybe such a given that "we" (internet prognosticators and the like) have come to just ignore that having that option itself provides value to the club and is therefore not factored in when everybody...
  19. Hairps

    Drew v. 2.0

      Not directed at you, but this did get me to thinking again about something that's been rattling around in my brain for a while -- should we start to consider the out-years of FA contracts (those without no trade clauses attached) more like team options when we consider the value to a team...
  20. Hairps

    Red Sox trade Franklin Morales & Chris Martin for Jonathan Herrera

    FWIW, very similar projections for Herrera and Punto next season:   G PA HR R RBI SB BB% K% ISO BABIP AVG OBP SLG wOBA wRC+ BsR Off Def WAR Herrera 37 155 1 16 14 2 7.50% 13.80% 0.087 0.292 0.257 0.315 0.344 0.292 78 -0.2 -4.1 0.7 0.2 Punto 49 203 1...