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  1. Nevermore

    (When) Will the Season Start?

    To hedge against the possibility of a repeat of the Spanish Flu of 1918, which surfaced in March but caused the most deaths between September and November. While the U.S. won't have infected troops returning en mass from Europe carrying a new strain like they did after WW I, a normalization of...
  2. Nevermore

    (When) Will the Season Start?

    Rather than trying to cram as many games as possible into a shortened season, I think MLB should take the opposite approach and plan a summer tournament. Use the month of May for spring training, then use June and the first half of July for a league qualification round where the 15 teams in...
  3. Nevermore


    Is the natural progression of this approach the eventual demise of starters all together? Assuming this approach is successful, one would think a good strategy would be to fill a roster with the best 13 relievers you can afford, with as much variety (right, left, pitch type, delivery, etc.)...
  4. Nevermore

    MLB/Atlantic league to experiment with the idea of stealing first base

    The conversation around bats is really interesting. MLB rules state "The bat shall be a smooth, round stick not more than 2.61 inches in diameter at the thickest part and not more than 42 inches in length. The bat shall be one piece of solid wood." There doesn't seem to be a rule regarding the...
  5. Nevermore

    The Rays and their nagging attendance problem. Will a new stadium solve that?

    I wonder if Omaha could be an option for the Rays? It already has TD Ameritrade park, a nice new facility located downtown where they play the College World Series (which admittedly creates a two week scheduling conflict). It's right on the western border of Iowa, so you'd attract baseball...
  6. Nevermore

    Rename the Red Sox AAA Team!

    The Worcester Massholes has a nice ring to it.
  7. Nevermore

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    I wonder if there's a way to sell high on a couple World Series heroes, get a little younger, and extend the "window" past next year? As much as I love Xander, this offseason seems to be the perfect time to shop him. Could he bring back an impact arm to replace Evoldi and a decent prospect or...
  8. Nevermore

    The Alex Cora Difference

    During the broadcast last night, they showed some stats about Price's great record with the home plate umpire. I'm curious if that was a significant factor in Cora's decision to start Price on short rest? If so, might that be an emerging trend in playoff decision-making?
  9. Nevermore

    Is it time to digitalize the strike zone.

    Interesting article here about Pitchf/x being used to call balls and strikes during two Independent League games: I love the idea of a buzzer sounding in an ear piece for the home plate ump from an earlier post to...
  10. Nevermore

    Start, Sit, Trade: Play Along with Dave

    This article about Kyle Schwarber made me wonder if the Cubs and Sox might line up for a potential trade.  Certainly, both teams need pitching, but if they are interested in trading some power for some defense and the Sox packaged one of their current outfielders (preferably Castillo) with a...