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  1. jhp64

    The Heat is on, ECF here we come!

    Let's go for 13 but not 14.
  2. jhp64

    Celtics vs. Heat Game 1 ECF

    Nicely done.
  3. jhp64

    Celtics-Raptors Game 7--Whatever It Takes

    Refs also tend to give a lot of leeway, it seems to me, if there is contact after a blocked shot. If the defender gets the ball cleanly, they seem to have free reign to just wipe out the offensive player afterwards. There was a play like this yesterday, Paul George (?) taking out Jamal Murray...
  4. jhp64

    9/9 C’s vs Raps Game 6

    The tweet is gone.
  5. jhp64

    76ers 2019-2020

    The 76ers have been bad on the road all season, so in their minds, are these home games or away games? Their road problems are obviously not something easy or they would have fixed them before going 10-25. Can they fix them in the next few weeks?
  6. jhp64

    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    I don't play basketball, I just like to watch it, so this may be a stupid question: from the players' standpoint, will there be any difference in the quality of the courts they play on in Disney, in particular for the games, as compared to the NBA courts?
  7. jhp64

    Greatest Redsox (pure) Hitters of all time

    You can't fool me: it was Julio Lugo, right? 2007?
  8. jhp64

    76ers 2019-2020

    Do you mean the Warriors? Or Syracuse?
  9. jhp64

    Build your team

    And if they're going to include Westbrook in their list, why not add Kawhi to yours?
  10. jhp64

    Build your team

    It's cute that 4 of the top 5 played for the Lakers, and 5 of the top 10. You don't get to the first Celtic (I'm not counting Shaq) until Bird at 3 pts. Although 3pts for Bird has a nice ring to it...
  11. jhp64

    iPhone 11

    Good to know, thanks.
  12. jhp64

    iPhone 11

    By the way, I thought that the port had gone out on my phone, but it just had a lot of lint in it. I used a toothpick to clean it out, and now it works again.
  13. jhp64

    Stupid Things I Can't Figure Out

    Yes, Safari.
  14. jhp64

    Stupid Things I Can't Figure Out

    Didn't help, I still get strange behavior when opening threads in new tabs on my iPad.
  15. jhp64

    Stupid Things I Can't Figure Out

    It's a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, iOS 13.2. I'll update to the newest iOS (13.2.2) and see if that helps. I've seen this, too, but then clicking on the "Jump to new" button at the top usually takes me to the right place. (Although that button isn't always there, for some reason.)
  16. jhp64

    Stupid Things I Can't Figure Out

    I can't tell if this is a bug with iOS or a problem with this site. Here's the problem: with my iPad, if I click and hold on a thread and then select "Open in New Tab", it jumps to the very last message in the thread, not the first unread message. This doesn't happen with a computer or an...
  17. jhp64

    Foldable Phones Are Coming

    "Breaking". Heh.
  18. jhp64

    Celtics in 18-19

    If you add Big Baby's #11, it comes out.