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  1. Morgan's Magic Snowplow

    Arsenal 20-21: Artetenal and/or Kia Joorabchian Futebol Clube

    Lots of big questions going into the new season: To what degree will Kroenke back Arteta in the transfer market? Will we sign every available Joorabchian client or just half of the available Joorabchian clients? Even if Arsenal do most things right and continue to improve, can they compete...
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    Premier League Predictions

    What's everybody got? Time to go on record... Champions 1. Man City - They'll be run closer by Liverpool and Chelsea but depth sets them apart. Repeating is hard and hasn't been done for a while but a title winning squad hasn't been this far ahead of its challengers going into a new season...
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    When the Falcons Have the Ball...

    Lets make some separate threads for different aspects of the matchup. What do you see the Patriots trying to do to contain Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense? Just to kick things off, other than stopping Julio Jones, I think one of the biggest challenges will be handling their RBs in the...
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    Bizarre Gmail Issue

    A few hours ago I looked at my phone and it tells me I have over 46,000 unread messages in Gmail. I figure it might be something up with the phone itself but when I logged into my desktop, sure enough everything in my entire Inbox has been suddenly marked as unread. First question: What the...
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    Euro 2016: England

    England entering a tournament with high hopes and having them hilariously dashed is a punchline at this point. But I think they really do have a legitimate shot to win, with a group of younger players in form and, perhaps more importantly, no world beaters among the competition. Unfortunately...
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    Euro 2016: France

    Playing on home ground and darlings of many football hipsters due to a wealth of uber-talented young attackers, can they actually meld into a tough and cohesive side? My guess at a starting 11: Martial---Giroud---Griezmann --- ---Pogba---Matuidi---------- --------------Kante----------------...
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    Premier League 37

    This United-Norwich match is atrocious so far.
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    FA Cup Catchall Thread

    I don't think we have a thread for this. What the fuck is Pelligrini doing? Of course you prioritize the Champions League but they have a relatively easy tie against Dynamo Kiev and he's not even playing backups against Chelsea, he's playing an U21 side.
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    Busier than Usual: The 2016 January Transfer Window

    Arsene Wenger noted recently that he expected the January window to be much busier than usual in the Premier League, as the coming TV windfall incentivizes clubs facing relegation battles to gamble on staying up. So while January is generally a time of many rumors and few moves, I think we...
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    Premier League 12/12-14

    City very very fortunate to secure the points at home against Swansea. Everton held, Palace win. Next up: Manchester United fielding a laughable side (due to injury) at in-form Bournemouth.
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    2015 Raiders: Back in (Silver and) Black?

    I think we're finally seeing a Raiders revival.  This is one of the great franchises in the game and the league is better when they're at least competitive.  Its only three games and I'm not predicting them to make the playoffs.  But I could see this as an 8-8 or 7-9 type team that has the...
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    Premier League Opening Week Gamethread

    Less talking more rocking.       Saturday   Man United - Spurs 7:45 EST Bournemouth - Villa 10:00 Norwich - Palace 10:00 Everton - Watford 10:00 Leicester - Sunderland 10:00 Chelsea - Swansea 12:30   Sunday   Arsenal - West Ham 8:30 Newcastle - Southampton 8:30 Stoke - Liverpool 11:00   Monday...
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    The Premier League's New Financial Landscape

    The rumor that Palace may try to buy Cabaye from PSG got me really thinking about how crazy this new TV deal is going to make the Premier League.  This year Palace received about £77m for finishing 10th in the league.  Under the new deal starting in 2016-17, Palace would receive approximately...
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    And......fight! Earlier Look at 2015 Roster Battles

    This is what I have right now.  Projected number of players at each position making the 53 man roster in parentheses and locks or virtual locks in green.   -I have no clue how the RB situation shakes out and was surprised we didn't draft one.  That's a pretty good spot if you're an UDFA looking...
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    Roster Construction Scenario: Revis and McCourty Both Walk

    Few of us predicted this a month ago, but a scenario in which Revis and McCourty both hit free agency and leave is looking increasingly possible.  I still wouldn't call it likely - everything suggests that the team is pushing hard to retain Revis and our willingness to go the extra mile with...
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    Combine Catchall

    A thread for combine observations beyond who the Patriots are interviewing.   -Vic Beasley looks like one big winner so far.  Most people assumed he weighed around 225, which was the big knock on him, and he came in at 246.  If he maintains good speed/agility at that weight, I could see him...
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    The Race for Top 4

    Updated predictions on which of the five contenders will grab the last two spots?  I think this is a legitimate five way race at this point.  My guess is that Arsenal ends up 3rd (mainly due to having the easiest schedule and, Saturday aside, relatively strong recent form) and Southampton...
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    When the Patriots Have the Ball: Matchup Discussion and Analysis

    The "On to Seattle" v. "Pumped and Jacked" thread seems likely to turn into a megathread, so maybe we can split out more focused discussions regarding each side of the ball and special teams.  The Patriots offense versus the Seattle D and the Legion of Boom is the marquee matchup in this game. ...
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    Premier League Gamethread

    Lots of upper table teams with seemingly innocuous away fixtures that could turn tricky this morning.  Then the main even tomorrow when Arsenal travels to the Etihad.   Also, I see that LVG is persisting with the 3-5-2, hoping that three central defenders might be enough to stem the relentless...
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    Annual Never-too-Early NFL Draft Thread

    These weeks between games are getting looooong.  Let's talk about the draft.  Who do you like, either at the top of the draft or later?  What positions do you see the Patriots targeting?  What prospects are particularly interesting?   Obviously, its impossible to know what the Patriots' needs...