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  1. 21st Century Sox

    Milwaukee Bucks boycott Game 5 vs Orlando

    Reports stating Magic will not accept forfeit. View:
  2. 21st Century Sox

    How much have you watched so far?

    I have watched about 90% of all games. Most. Every. Brutal. Inning.
  3. 21st Century Sox

    Washington Football Team Name Change

    If Snyder somehow gets taken down, I imagine Redskins (or whatever they will be called) fans will be partying in the streets.....
  4. 21st Century Sox

    Rest in Peace, dcmissile

    Very sorry to read this. I enjoyed his posts very much. Cancer sucks.
  5. 21st Century Sox

    2020 Gronk Watch: Gronkmania

    Can't compare to other trades....Gronk has zero value to Pats, he is not on the roster. So Pats have zero value if they don't do a trade. Can't compare it to deals that if you do NOT move a player, you keep his production...
  6. 21st Century Sox

    Sports Impact of Coronavirus COVID19

    CIAC (CT HS sports org) just cancelled all Winter Tournaments, Boys and Girls Basketball (many played opening rounds last night) Ice Hockey, and all other Winter sports tournaments.
  7. 21st Century Sox

    NY Spring Training Discussion

    So Seve has elbow soreness after the last HOU playoff start.....and what, they sent him home for the off season? Seems incredible that they would not have done full MRI stuff in November.
  8. 21st Century Sox

    2020 College Hockey thread

    Shea's dad is a dear friend of mine. I imagine when I ask him, he will say terrible call. Gonna wait a couple days.
  9. 21st Century Sox

    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    View: No idea how legit this guy is.
  10. 21st Century Sox

    Lou Merloni: Mookie asking price is 12 years, $420 million.

    Why is it only a trade that can have someone on the Red Sox be a 4 WAA player? Could there be a FA signing? Could a current player....say like Devers, start to regularly deliver 4WAA? Also, you are losing me with Henry. Henry ownership has SPENT for years. Let's say we do trade Mookie, let's...
  11. 21st Century Sox

    Sox talking Mookie trade with Dodgers, Padres - News & Discussion

    Is the consensus now that Price is not a part of Mookie package? I thought the price for getting Mookie involved taking Price?
  12. 21st Century Sox

    The Athletic: The Astros stole signs electronically in 2017 part of a much broader issue for Major League Baseball

    The two things that got my antenna up...(no pun intended) One - Altuve was all the way up in the box on the Chapman pitch, and this clip....(the bottom one) Sorry, just noticed posted above..... View:
  13. 21st Century Sox

    Alex Cora fired

    How much will this hurt draft picks-wise?
  14. 21st Century Sox

    Alex Cora fired

    I believe this is correct. Both Sox and NYY were disciplined (lightly) for the apple watch/video rooms, and the league was notified that going forward, hammer comes down. Cora kept rolling the dice, perhaps the Yankees too, but perhaps they took the 2018 warning, and just went back to plain old...
  15. 21st Century Sox

    2020 Game Goat Thread: WCG vs Titans

    So Pre-game if someone said to you that the defense would hold the Titans to 13 say no? The defense had really nothing to do with this loss...
  16. 21st Century Sox

    2019 Cowboys: And Now for Something Completely Different...

    Lifelong Cowboys fan. JG needs to go. I don't hold out much hope....I think he will be gone, and another JG is put in his place. I will be shocked to see a quality coach come in and run things as he sees fit. If it DOES happen, it will wind up with Jones firing him for getting the accolades...
  17. 21st Century Sox

    AB Watch II: Quarantonio Brown

    If the NFL is planning to suspend AB the moment the Saints, or any NFL team signs him.....why don't they communicate that? It seems like a waste of time/energy for a team and AB's agent to hash out a deal, get it to a signing, and have it all for naught. Is there legal reason that they cannot...
  18. 21st Century Sox

    2019 NFL Week 12 Game Thread

    This is way too simplistic. The Ravens have a very stout defense. Like top 5 defense. The teams you reference, were terrible on defense. I think that the fact that the Ravens are elite on both sides of the ball make them far more formidable than the teams listed above.
  19. 21st Century Sox

    2019 ALCS - Yankees vs. Astros - General Gamethread

    Wow. Forecast is for 25mph winds steady with gusts to 50 tonight. Will be wild and wooly....
  20. 21st Century Sox

    2019 Cowboys: And Now for Something Completely Different...

    Gallup to miss 2-4 weeks with meniscus tear. Shame, he was off to the races early. They can back fill, and with all the injuries this weekend, Dallas relatively unscathed.