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    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    I have/had Gronk & Luck in my dynasty league
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    Tuukka was a stud tonight. Saved our ass
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    This CBJ team is dirty AF. Man they are easy to dislike
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    The 4 refs were looking at the netting just in case a puck bounced off of there Shameful officiating
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    Almost seems fixed sometimes
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    Agree with that 100%
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    Announcer just said that was an easy call for the officials....but apparently a puck bouncing off a net is impossible for all 4
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    Besides being not reviewable FOUR officials don’t see it. Wtf are they looking at. Not one knows where the fucking puck is?! Total bs
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    The 2018 NBA Draft

    Allen just went.....thank god
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    “Well, if it’s true then you can see why JDM’s pissed and hasn’t signed. He was hoping to get $100MM more than the best offer. That isn’t chump change. It’s basically half his self-valuation” Understood but, why direct that anger towards the team giving you the best offer? Shouldn’t his...
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    App-ease Me

    Anybody use any journal or diary type apps? Hate to say it but, my memory ain't what it used to be and I find myself wishing I could recall more of some the experiences I had etc. Somebody mentioned Day One to me...anybody have any experience with this app or similar ones?
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    Well Done: Cooks' Season One in NE

    Reportedly, BB did not want to give up our own pick #32 for Cooks so, can't imagine we are trading JG for pick 12 & then giving that up for Cooks
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    Dumb question regarding iphone4

    Went to Apple to night & before purchasing new phone, I asked about converting the 4 and they said it can't be done. Appreciate all the responses
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    Dumb question regarding iphone4

    Was afraid of that. Thank you for the response
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    Dumb question regarding iphone4

    Pardon my ignorance son lost his iPhone 6 & is currently without a phone. He is away so, that is problematic. I have an old iPhone 4 that I want to give him. I have & the 4 was purchased when I had AT&T. My son is on wife's Verizon plan. I know newer iPhones can be activated using...
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    Week 3 Gamethread

    Just getting opportunity to check in on game now. Did Julio Jones get hurt or something? No catches? Has he been targeted?
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    The Manziel Saga: Toasted

    He's an addichole. Some people seem to be ascribing his issues to his problems with alcohol but I think he was an entitled asshole first and the alcohol just exacerbated his issues. As others have said, to me, he blew past the "just needs to grow up" stage when he beat up his gf. There is a lot...
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    rbeaud, Thanks for the detailed info. Really great stuff and I appreciate it very much. We visited the local Fleet Feet Wednesday and ironically enough, the Nike Zoom Victory is the spike he ended up with. Tried a few and definitely liked that one the best. He ended up with Saucony Glide 9's...
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question.... My 8th grade son needs some good running shoes and track spikes. We have a Fleet Feet store local but he doesn't care for it. We are looking for an online option. He is a very good runner......went to Nationals last year as a 7th...
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    NLCS Game Thread- CHC VS NYM

    How could this happen? Madden is the smartest man alive & practically invented baseball. I figured he was just going to have his team all dress up in Halloween costumes, roast marshmallows & sing kumbaya & the Cubs would come back & win 4 straight.