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    8/7 - Tanaka at Snell

    It'd be nice for Gleyber and Stanton to get it going, but even better would be some quality starting pitching.
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    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    I have a feeling very few of our board's denizens will be happy after this weekend. Saturday 6 Vikings (11-6) at 1 49ers (13-3), 4:35pm EST, NBC, SF -7.0 6 Titans (10-7) at 1 Ravens (14-2), 8:15pm EST, CBS, Bal -10.0 Sunday 4 Texans (11-6) at 2 Chiefs (12-4), 3:05pm EST, CBS, KC -10.0 5...
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    NY Spring Training News and Notes

    Lets kick it off with some injury news: Sherman: Prospect Mike King has a stress reaction in elbow and is shut down for 3 weeks b4 MRI to determine next step
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    Clint Dempsey retires

    Not sure if this deserves its own thread or not, but Clint Dempsey announced his retirement effective immediately just now. He hadn't been playing, but this still comes as a big surprise to me.
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    New SABR oral history collection

    A buddy of mine helped get this project off the ground and I figured it should be shared with the baseball loving masses at SoSH. From the press release: The full oral library is here:
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    All is forgiven, Ray?

    Per Paul Pierce's Instagram account it is. Edit: I feel like I used some very poor grammar in the thread title, but I've been drinking so I'm not sure. I digress.
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    Do wireless routers go bad?

    I have a Netgear wnr200v3 router that I think I bought in 2012 or so. I pay my internet company for 30mbps download but routinely only get 20 and sometimes less. I have a Motorola Surfboard modem I bought in 2014. Both of these are in my garage and my house is pretty small (1100 square feet)...
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    Final Four Thread

    Surprised at the lack of talk about this year's Final Four. Is it because of all the newcomers? I could totally see Gonzaga blowing its chance at a title when it is right there in front of them. I think the Oregon-UNC game could be an instant classic. Go Zags. And go Heels.
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    Google WiFi

    Anyone have specifics on this? How good it is, etc.? I signed up for the wait list just cause but not sure I'll actually purchase it.
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    Prince Fielder's career is over

    Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal 1m1 minute ago Sources: Prince Fielder’s career appears over. #Rangers expected to hold press conference tomorrow.
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    Sabathia to the DL

    Sabathia to the DL with a groin pull. Team calls up Phil Coke per Twitter reports. Nova to the rotation? Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal 33s34 seconds ago #Yankees announce Sabathia to DL with left groin strain. Call up Phil Coke.
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    Divisional weekend news and notes

    Didn't see a place to post this, so figured I'd just start a catch all thread for non-Patriots stuff. The Cardinals placed two defensive starters - defensive tackle Cory Redding and linebacker Alex Okafor - on IR. Redding had missed time down the stretch and injured his foot against the...
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    Castro traded to NYY

    Sherman says it is a done deal. Joel Sherman ‏@Joelsherman1 1m1 minute ago Told that Castro to #Yankees has been agreed upon, but not finalized. Still medical review, etc. #Cubs
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    Eovaldi shut down for elbow inflammation

    Ruh roh.   Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi  2m2 minutes ago Nathan Eovaldi shut down for two weeks with elbow inflammation, #Yankees announce, as @YankeesWFAN first reported.     Maybe this is why he was a bit wild last start.
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    Greg Bird called up

    Well, maybe this will fix the offense. The Yankees are calling up top prospect Greg Bird.    From the article:  
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    US Open at Chambers Bay

    I kept hoping someone else would start this thread, but I just can't wait.    We are eight days away from this bad boy, and as someone who lives less than a mile from the course, I can't wait. I don't follow golf as hard as I used to, but I'm really excited for this Open for obvious reasons.  ...
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    Is Steph Curry the best shooter ever?

    Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel asked Larry Bird that. Bird had an interesting response, and told a few stories.     As to the question posed, I think more...
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    Sepp Blatter resigns, FIFA ExCo members face extradition

    New York Times just dropped a bombshell.   Top FIFA officials are being arrested by Swiss authorities at a meeting in Zurich to be extradited to the U.S. to face corruption charges.      ...
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    Shawn Kelley traded to San Diego

    Per Jack Curry, it's a done deal. Yankees get a Double-A reliever in return.   Jack Curry @JackCurryYES · 10m10 minutes ago Yankees have dealt Shawn Kelley to Padres for minor league pitcher Robert (sic) Barbato, according to @RobertMurrayDR     Jack Curry @JackCurryYES · 4m4 minutes ago...
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    White Sox sign David Robertson to 4-year, $46 million deal

    Bob NightengaleVerified account‏@BNightengale The Chicago #Whitesox have just signed closer David Robertson to a 4 year deal in excess of $40 million.