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  1. SuperManny

    Washington Football Team Name Change

    The Radskins cracked me up, that's such a terrible name.
  2. SuperManny

    20 K's: 4/29/1986

    I don't have anything to add about the game since I was too young at the time but my father had this picture from the game which now hangs in my basement.
  3. SuperManny

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    Cooks was also open for about 20 yards before having to wait for the ball at the back of the endzone. They show the full route at 15 seconds in.
  4. SuperManny

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    Yeah that's an bad take given he was their best offensive player tonight and was knocked out last year.
  5. SuperManny

    Arrests in Major NCAA College Basketball Probe

    The only thing I saw on Duke was from this story: Not sure what the rules are for lunch expenses with parents but it seems like there isn't much there at the moment.
  6. SuperManny

    Amazon to End mp3 Storage

    That's good to know, I wasn't sure how that worked if you accidentally deleted one online.
  7. SuperManny

    Amazon to End mp3 Storage

    I use google play music but its more of a backup/accessible in the cloud service than a storage since it scans your local library and makes it accessible to your devices online. You would still need to store it locally I believe. On the plus side it is free for a fairly large library.
  8. SuperManny

    The 2018 NBA Draft

    Using BPM for some other former Duke players: Jahlil Okafor 17th Jayson Tatum 133rd Tatum is lower than I would have expected vs Okafor given how much of a liability Okafor was at times.
  9. SuperManny

    Photo storage solutions

    I use the unlimited Amazon Prime photo storage since I already have prime anyways. The app works well and syncs automatically. The only downside is that there is a storage limit on videos.
  10. SuperManny

    XBMC/KODI Apple TV3 questions

    I use FireTV for Kodi and it works really well. Kodi's message board has a thread on this topic and they say it doesn't work on AppleTV3 but it does for AppleTV4. You should be able to use Plex, which is a fork of Kodi, with the AppleTV3 although I'm not sure if they require a subscription for...
  11. SuperManny

    Manning Legacy: Scrotal Recall

    Bo Jackson had a legitimate gripe against the team, Eli did not.
  12. SuperManny

    Belichick's 4th and 1 decision

    This is my stance as well, I'll never be upset by going for it on 4th and 1 but the play call was terrible and I thought the play calling in general during the entire game was uninspiring.
  13. SuperManny

    Brady/Manning XVII

    If the Patriots win by 7 they are going to lose a ton of money regardless of volume of bets. They don't make any money on the winning bets.
  14. SuperManny

    Self-Driving Cars: When will it become mainstream, and would you purchase one?

      I would imagine that the majority of the directional functionality is based on a dashboard GPS. The GPS screen in the Tesla video looked awesome. I would think rain, snow, and ice would be the hardest thing for the driverless cars to overcome since they rely on cameras though.   I think it...
  15. SuperManny

    Katie Nolan: somebody should make a thread about her

      I think they need more emojis with their headlines.  
  16. SuperManny

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

      I'm not sure I get the outrage here, isn't it generally accepted that ESPN has been losing subscribers and are projected to lose more in the coming years? They can still be profitable while being lower than their peak.
  17. SuperManny

    2015 1st Round Pick, Andrew Benintendi, CF, Arkansas

      Keith Law has him at 21 on ESPN Insider
  18. SuperManny

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

      He was still making between $25-$30M a year on his last contract though so he would presumably be leaving a lot of money on the table.
  19. SuperManny

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      I don't see the benefit of the NFLPA agreeing to a delay given that this is probably going to court.