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  1. Anthologos

    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    I jumped to the last post and saw Van’s post first and freaked a little as well. We’re all a little jumpy. :)
  2. Anthologos

    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    I’m a bit confused as to what the appeal of the Raiders could be, player-wise. Are they considered a stacked offense? Darren Waller has a career year, and Renfrow seems good and he’s young, and Jacobs looks great...but are they all a huge draw? I’m no expert, so I’m probably missing something...
  3. Anthologos

    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    If Fitz, OBJ, and AB teamed up with Gronk and Brady, with Josh Jacobs, for two years, I could probably get behind that. Who wouldn’t tune into that Vegas matchup each week? I wouldn’t feel as bad about him slighting us. To go to NYG or Miami...ugh. Tacky. To go to Vegas? Human.
  4. Anthologos

    2020 Pats: Bengals Coach Implies Patriots Taping Play Signals

    This is pretty fair to my fanboy eyes. The apology/explanation makes complete sense, as does the nasty insinuations invited by all other 31 teams. Billion-dollar businesses still screw up in the PR department... Should the very idea of filming a football team from the sidelines have been...
  5. Anthologos

    2019 Cowboys: And Now for Something Completely Different...

    The tripping penalties were lame. Not sure who called them (I’m not good with the refs and judges, as I tend to gloss over them in play), but perhaps they were looking for them for some reason. Special teams was clearly the difference in the game. Both offended struggled in the conditions, and...
  6. Anthologos

    Bye week / Eagles chatter

    I must be missing something, but I can’t summon up anything like disgust for living organ donation. I don’t like to share my towel. This level of generosity always leaves me inspired, though I also suspect I will end up needing both of my kidneys... Those shirts must be incredible conversation...
  7. Anthologos

    2019 Playoff Seeding and Home Field Advantage Watch

    I can't see KC losing to Chicago...I feel like in Mahomes worst game he is likely to accidentally throw for 3 TDs, and I don't see Trubisky countering. Plus, Mack has been shown to be able to be disappeared at times. He isn't LT, and it isn't 1986 anymore. Minnesota is also kind of a gift game...
  8. Anthologos

    Week 5 NFL Game Thread

    I have to admit, I'm finding the Colts easier to pull for. A great O-line and running back is like the Steak and Indian Pudding of football basics. And having qb like Jacoby back there, albeit intermittent, is also a plus. Reich seems to be doing a positive job.
  9. Anthologos

    Week 5 NFL Game Thread

    It was a pretty cool play, though.
  10. Anthologos

    2019 Raiders: Khalil Mack Has No Comment

    Terrible news. One of the brightest rookies in the class, and definitely a star in the Raiders future. He had been rumoured to be a Patriots-style player, though we got nowhere near him. Let him recover fast for the silver and black.
  11. Anthologos

    2019 Gordon Watch: Reinstated and It Feels So Good

    Absolutely true. The surest approach is abstinence and continued recovery. I guess my experience has been, we try to encourage those who lapse to come back as soon as possible, whether after one drink or a weeklong bender. Of course, Gordon will be able to do that, too--although he may have lost...
  12. Anthologos

    2019 Gordon Watch: Reinstated and It Feels So Good

    In my own experience, recovery isn't always pure, especially in the first year. Not all substances are similar--heroin is clearly more of an all or nothing addiction--but cocaine addicts I've known and worked with were pretty ecstatic with 95% clean days in the first few months, or even 90%...
  13. Anthologos

    2019 Gordon Watch: Reinstated and It Feels So Good

    In case my remarks about relapse are taken the wrong way, my point (I guess) is that in group, if someone screwed up by using, you welcome them back--after they come clean and after discussion--and you focus on positives. You don't kick them out for these transgressions and lapses. Whether...
  14. Anthologos

    2019 Gordon Watch: Reinstated and It Feels So Good

    As someone who has worked with addicts and alcoholics, for some years, the words of caution and concern are worth heeding carefully, even if as fans we imagine, we hope for, we crave to the point of distraction (and why the hell not) the joy of athletic splendour rather than the squalor of...
  15. Anthologos

    2019 Broncos: Changes Ahoy

    This is an interesting and fun exercise (could enjoy doing this with most NFL teams)...I'm not a Bronco fan/expert, but my list overlapped about 75% with both of yours. Am surprised about Mecklenburg's absence, as I thought he'd be a sure thing...prob betraying my 80s-era childhood.
  16. Anthologos

    2018 Tom M-F&^%$ing Brady: Still Proving It

    I agree with the other old guys. It is a Johnny come lately approach to a fairly anodyne moniker, it seems tacky in general (to me) to trademark unoriginal nicknames, and it is especially gauche given Seaver's family's announcement in March. Small potatoes indeed, but...still a bad look. I love...
  17. Anthologos

    RIP Bill Buckner

    Yes, all yes. My dad spent the last 16 months of his life alternating between living terror, not knowing the difference between his worse nightmares and his tepid reality, and feeling like he was being beaten and brutalized every single night. Short version. By the last year he hated all of us...
  18. Anthologos

    RIP Bill Buckner

    If you had asked me this morning whether Garvey was in the Hall, I would have bet money on it. He was such a constant All-Star and legend when I was a kid, I guess I just put him in mentally, and glossed over the reality.