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  1. chilidawg

    2020-2021 Roster Thread

    Okay, i'm starved for C's banter, so what do you think about next year. Hayward is obviously the big wild card, I'm hoping he opts in and they get one more run with this cast. With Hayward we have Tatum Walker Brown Hayward Smart Theis RW GW Edwards Langford Then we have Kanter (team...
  2. chilidawg

    12/11 Hammer the Hoosiers

    Should be a great game against a good opponent on the road. Williams and Smart still day to day. Good chance to see Sabonis and Turner, sources of endless SOSH speculation.
  3. chilidawg

    12/9 Halve the Cavs

    I want them drawn and quartered, or at least halved. Attilla the hun style beatdown. Let Kevin Love know he's not welcome here. Streak on Celtics.
  4. chilidawg

    12/6 Nuke the Nuggets

    Once again the C's are shorthanded. Denver is on the 2nd of a B2B, but the Knicks didn't put up much resistance last night and no one played more than 25 minutes, so they should be reasonably well rested. Let's get off to a good start tonight and cruise from there.
  5. chilidawg

    12/4 Beat the Heat

    The Heat are playing well, but coming off an overtime win last night over the Raptors. C's are well rested but shorthanded. Time for the J's and Walker to step up, but they'll need some help from a few other guys. Who's that going to be, Wanamaker, Waters, Williamses? Just as long as we get a W.
  6. chilidawg

    12/1 Afternoon delight

    I'm in the mood for a blowout, hope they come out angry after an insipid performance in Brooklyn.