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  1. Drek717

    Stark: Doing the math on the ‘competitive balance tax,’ and the Red Sox’ motivation to trade Mookie Betts

    Prior to the new CBA and tax penalties Henry routinely paid luxury tax money. This drive to meet the LT threshold only arose now that the team A. was basically not a playoff contender last year and B. would be sacrificing draft pick position to maintain the status quo, picks and international...
  2. Drek717

    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    Seems like the Twins including Nick Gordon in the deal would make a lot of sense as a patch up. Maybe swap Graterol with Jordan Balazovic if the Sox are really concerned with Graterol's arm as anything period. Gordon is a former #5 pick and up until 2018 was a top 100 prospect with a few top...
  3. Drek717

    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    Price has been a roughly 2 WAR (last three years 1.5, 2.4, 2.3) guy with the Red Sox. Assuming $9M per WAR he's worth about $18M next season. So if the Sox are paying about half they're effectively subsidizing Price down to roughly market rate. But that ignores the fact that he's 34 and after...
  4. Drek717

    Sox talking Mookie trade with Dodgers, Padres - News & Discussion

    I'd be pretty happy with a Betts for Verdugo/Downs/Ferguson deal. Verdugo could be a 4+ WAR guy they'll have all the control years on. Downs could easily be a high .700's/low .800's OPS 2B by 2021, a gaping hole in teh org. if you assume Chavis isn't going to have the footwork to stick there...
  5. Drek717

    MLB Playoff start times and its declining viewership

    Personally I'm still at a loss as to why MLB hasn't invested in a partnership with Microsoft or Google to provide umpires with augmented reality glasses. Have two way radio for the crew and an in-booth coordinator. The pitch clock gets hidden inside there with a "courtesy" 1-2 second buffer...
  6. Drek717

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    Val was the primary playoff starter and hit better against playoff pitching than I think anyone should have expected him to. Leon is the biggest question to me. Above there was an estimate of him getting a $3M arb award v. Swihart’s $1M. If that’s the choice I don’t see how they keep Sandy...
  7. Drek717

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    I'd be surprised if it steps back next year. Dombrowski pretty clearly built a two year window here. JDM's opt out, Sale, Porcello, X's arb3 season, etc. all line up through 2019. I'm expecting them to make up spending money by giving Kimbrel a QO and letting him walk, that likely/hopefully...
  8. Drek717

    Craig Kimbrel: Dominant Closer

    I would argue in favor of a QO that he would decline for a multi year deal, then reallocate the money in attempts to keep Pearce, Kelly, and/or Eovaldi. The team needs draft picks and I’d take any of those three over Kimbrel next season. His money would quite possibly cover the first two combined.
  9. Drek717

    Red Sox acquire Steve Pearce

    I don’t think he’d strictly be the short side of a platoon. He could factor into the OF mix, especially in Fenway’s LF and over the course of a season would likely be the #2 DH behind Martinez. He could see 300 regular season PAs pretty realistically. That said, much more than his current...
  10. Drek717

    Finn: NESN announces Remy has cancer again

    Best of luck to him in recovery. I think this year might be his best season in the booth to date and the trio of him, O'Brien, and Eck is easily my favorite presentation I've ever had the pleasure to watch.
  11. Drek717

    Help from the System: Red Sox Minor League Relievers

    Is anyone else wondering why Bobby Poyner fell completely off the radar this year? Him making the opening day roster was something of a big deal in Spring Training. He then pitched well, got hurt, was sent down, and is pitching well in AAA with strong peripherals, yet got very little attention...
  12. Drek717

    Red Sox acquire Ian Kinsler

    Better defensive 2B than anyone else on the roster. His OPS+ over the season to date is 95. Devers' is 90, Holt's is 100, so he's not exactly an offensive downgrade if the aggregate is the future. Nunez is at 77. He also has been far better for a little over a month and should be a solid fit...
  13. Drek717

    Swihart's second rodeo

    With a solid showing at 3B yesterday, improving plate production, and Devers out for what should be a relatively short DL stint (hopefully) it'll be interesting to see if they move Swihart into effectively an every day role splitting time at catcher and 3B. A quick Fangraphs snip from July 10th...
  14. Drek717

    Eovaldi to Red Sox, per Rosenthal

    He got touched up pretty good his last two outings. Maybe they think that’s something he can adjust to in AAA while having options to enable that choice.
  15. Drek717

    Potential Trade Deadline Targets

    A factor to consider when it comes to the 4/5 starter types not acquiring significant assets - at no point is a team going to just up and trade a 4/5 starter type to the Red Sox without calling the MFY first, who can definitely outbid the Red Sox on this. Their starting pitching needs are far...
  16. Drek717

    We're halfway through the season

    Is there a place to check Fangraphs SoS calculation? Because .505 versus .485 is close enough to where the Red Sox 6 extra wins and the Yankees 3 extra losses could push those numbers to effectively neutral if they're being included in that math, given that a lot of this would, obviously...
  17. Drek717

    2018 MLB Draft Uber-Thread

    I don't know if they've signed him, but the article linked directly quotes him and references the Sox' intent to play him at 3B instead of pitch. It also has this quote from him: "I played in the Rivalry Classic in the fall," Northcut said. "I got to play in Fenway and Yankee Stadium. In...
  18. Drek717

    Hanley DFA'd (5/25 Update)

    Pomeranz also has just over 5 years of ML service time entering this season, so it would take some pretty unique circumstances for him not to be a free agent after this season.
  19. Drek717

    Hanley DFA'd (5/25 Update)

    Pomeranz has also been a valuable reliever in his career, if he loses his starting job the club could absolutely get value out of a good left handed reliever in the pen.
  20. Drek717

    Indians pull Chief Wahoo from life support

    I know this is an old post, but I don't believe it had anything to do with any kind of outcry over stereotyping. Nintendo just made a joke about it in a 2016 bio on their website about how he "used to work as a plumber". They've also reversed course already and his current bio references that...