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    MLB Network show: The Impossible Dream - Red Sox Nation Begins

    I never heard that but I used to hear a lot of chatter that the Red Sox would move just like the Braves. It wasn't that the wrong team moved, it was that both would go. This whispering became even louder when the Braves moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta. The franchise shifts in the 1950s and...
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    One season or fewer: your favorite short-term Red Sox.

    Gotta show some '67 love. There was a whole cast of washed-up one-offs who came up with what was needed or more when called upon I will always have a special place in my heart for guys like Norm Siebern, Dan Osinski, Jose Tartabull, Elston Howard, and especially Jerry Adair. No glitzy stats...
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    On a scale of Dante Bichette to David Ortiz...

    Is this scale limited to players or should we consider Bobby Valentine?
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    Red Sox Aren't Paying Their Minor Leaguers Enough

    Does anyone know how salaries work with callups? Did Mike Miller just earn one day's worth of the major league minimum for his one day in the bigs?
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    Would Ted be a DH in today's game

    And what if Babe Ruth started DHing around 1929-30?
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    What year is your favorite Red Sox season?

    I was thinking about this for a few days, and I think I'm coming from a different place. In 1966, the Sox were 8th in the AL in attendance. On opening day of '67 they drew 8,324 and the day after, only 3,607. I lived in Southborough and played Strat-O-Matic with my friends and nobody seemed...
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    What year is your favorite Red Sox season?

    This is my first post ever on SOSH, but if you are of a certain age I don't know how you could ever respond with anything other than 1967. That year changed everything. Yaz had one of the greatest years of anyone ever. Fifty years of boring mediocrity was replaced with young, exciting, and...