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  1. Dewey'sCannon

    Cubs Hire Craig Breslow As Director Of Strategic Initiatives For Baseball Operations

    Per the Cubs’ release, Breslow “will help to evaluate and implement data-based processes throughout all facets of Baseball Operations” and will also “support the organization’s pitching infrastructure in Player Development and the major leagues.” Sounds like he will be the Cubs version of Brian...
  2. Dewey'sCannon

    Holt to DL Roster spot for activation of Xander for tonight's game. It's a shame, because Brock's been looking good lately.
  3. Dewey'sCannon

    Liriano re-signs with Pirates

    $3/39 per Heyman, and reported by MLB Trade Rumors.   Another RS potential target now out of play.
  4. Dewey'sCannon

    Offseason Trade Rumors - Bryce Harper?

    Was surprised that this hasn't been mentioned as yet in the OF discussion on the Main Board, so I thought I'd put it here, and maybe it'll get moved.   A report on ( say that the Red Sox are interested in...