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  1. vadertime

    Red Sox pitching carousel thread (our pitching is historically bad)

    But what good is a top 5 pick going to be of there's still no college or high school baseball next year and you're basing draft picks off people that will now have gone 2 years without playing.
  2. vadertime

    Brian Johnson released

    Both Taylor and Hernandez were only put on the 10 Day IL on 7/14. They're already on the 40 man. They could've moved Eduardo Rodriguez, who is still only on the 10 day, to the 60 IL to make room on the 40 man. Not that I'm advocating for Johnson, but it could've easily been done.
  3. vadertime

    July/August game thread

    If Kelly was suspended for 8 games, then Laureno may be looking at a season suspension; charging into the dugout and violating social distancing has to be punished much more aggressively than throwing at someone.
  4. vadertime

    Red Sox pitching carousel thread (our pitching is historically bad)

    Technical question. If/when a player is assigned to the alternate site, is that considered an option? In other words, do options even exist this year, will an option year be burned this year by players that are sent to the alternate site, or did that already kick in from the original start to...
  5. vadertime

    2020 Pats: Welcome to Camelot

    Rehashing a lot of what's been said but I hate this. 1. If he's good, and that's a big if coming off of Linsfranc then sure, we may have a superbowl run. But we'll be in the same spot we are now next year, not knowing if Stidham can do the job and/or knowing he can't and be stuck. Since, if...
  6. vadertime

    2020 Pats: Welcome to Camelot

    No. Has there ever been a profesional athlete to come back from a Linsfranc injury to play at a high level?
  7. vadertime

    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    I thought it was an issue only if the season was canceled. As long as there was/is a season it will reset. At least that's what I've been led to believe.
  8. vadertime

    What Info Do You Wish You Could Get Out of Belichick?

    Probably the one thing most relevant to the current situation, how many years are left on his contract/contract info.
  9. vadertime

    NE UDFA aka Annual Adam Vinatieri Award Thread

    Some of the sought after ones get six figure offers on bonuses.
  10. vadertime

    NE UDFA aka Annual Adam Vinatieri Award Thread

    Won't it be more difficult than normal this year to get UDFA to sign? Don't teams typically entice them by giving signing bonuses? And given the Pats' cap situation they won't be in position to really offer anything worthwhile.
  11. vadertime

    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    Any interest in kicking the tires on Percy Harvin? Intersted in coming back to NFL after 3 year hiatus.
  12. vadertime

    2020 Pats: Bengals Coach Implies Patriots Taping Play Signals

    Maybe the opening game and/or part of the schedule
  13. vadertime

    Who's Your All-time Patriots 53-man Roster?

    My only change would be Kevin Turner over Gash at FB. Only here for 3 years, and I freely admit he was a binky of mine, but some stats are better than Gash in half the time.
  14. vadertime

    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    Just maybe jumping the gun. If it was at that step, I would think it would be on the nba and/or espn homepages.
  15. vadertime

    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    Nothing on espn or nba pages about the season being suspended, just the Thunder game being postponed.
  16. vadertime

    2020 NFL: Potential Rule Changes

    I'm really liking the XFL kickoffs. Wouldn't mind the NFL adopting that.
  17. vadertime

    Following Former Red Sox 2020 Edition

    White Sox lock up Moncada through his arbitration years. View:
  18. vadertime

    Sox sign Collin McHugh

    Not true. Pedroia already is.
  19. vadertime

    Sox sign Collin McHugh

    Don't like dfa of Velasquez. Keep your depth. Put Sale on the 60 day il. It's already looking inevitable that even without surgery he's missing the first couple months.