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  1. Phil Plantier

    Deadspin defectors debut

    They're starting their own media company. Congrats to them for getting their kickoff into the New York Times. Sounds great! But their price point is $8/month (not including annual discount). Not sure I'd pay more for snark than I do, currently, for the Times and the...
  2. Phil Plantier

    Welcome to Football Island

    Edit: credit to the original idea by The Grey Eagle Now that the Marlins are in trouble, I do think the NFL is working on (or already has ready-to-go) a Football Island solution. So let's carelessly speculate! A football bubble would need to hold approximately 2,500 players 1,500 team staff...
  3. Phil Plantier

    Upgrade laptop to WQHD: how much would you pay?

    It's time to replace my 2014 Alienware 14, the best laptop I've ever owned. Also the heaviest. I'm intrigued by the new AMD laptop processors, and the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is getting rave reviews like this one...
  4. Phil Plantier

    Fouts is out

    Reports from Richard Deitsch and Andrew Marchand that CBS has fired Dan Fouts. I've always liked Fouts, first as a player and then as a broadcaster. I think he has a gift of treating the game like a game, without getting campy about it (like Paul McGuire used to do). View...
  5. Phil Plantier

    home assistant/ifttt

    I'd like to take some cautious first steps into a smart home setup. I'd like to do presence detection, but I'm not keen on giving that info to Google/Amazon (which is a silly line to draw, I understand). Does anyone have experience with the open source Home Assistant and/or smart home apps...
  6. Phil Plantier

    What are you paying for?

    I'm moving back to the Boston area, so I wanted to subscribe to the Globe. The digital rate for the Globe is apparently $360/year?! I'm not paying that. This leads me to ask a larger question: what sports journalism do you pay for? Do you pay for the Globe? Do you subscribe to Sirius? Do you do...
  7. Phil Plantier

    Who's worth more than two first round picks?

    I'm stunned that the Raiders got a team to pay two first round picks for Khalil Mack, but maybe that's just based on my limited football knowledge and my casual fan feeling that Mack is good-not-great. It got me to thinking: if I were a GM, and someone offered me two first round picks for mu...
  8. Phil Plantier

    Modern Records That Won't Be Broken

    I'm not keen to join the "Belichick suxx0rs at GM/Defense" hot take threads, so let's take a step or two back and each suggest a record that we think won't be broken. Let's set the time period as post-1981. And, since I started, I'll nominate the easiest one: Jerry Rice's 22,895 receiving...
  9. Phil Plantier

    Belichick's self imposed retirement date

    I was about to post this in the JG thread, but it's probably worth its own, regarding BB and his (paraphrased) quote about not coaching as long as Marv Levy. Northeastern PJ posted about why he/she thought we are putting a lot of stock in an old quote that might not still be relevant. I agree...
  10. Phil Plantier

    Europa League 2016-17

    Had to start this thread as the first qualifying round kicked off this week. Highlights from the first leg: 1. Northern Ireland player Niall McGinn rejoined his club team and scored a goal 2. Gibraltar team Europa gives the nation its first ever win in European club or country competition...
  11. Phil Plantier

    Joey Votto and the Persistence of Stupid

    From Joe Posnanski ( today:   I can see a long-time broadcaster and a brain-dead columnist bemoaning OBP, but I can't believe a hitting instructor in a major league organization in *2003* would feel the same way. How are...
  12. Phil Plantier

    Don Van Natta, Jr.'s Sunday Long Reads

    Is anyone else getting this email each Sunday morning? You probably know Van Natta as an ESPN investigative reporter. He also curates a weekly list of great stories from the previous week. It's replicated the idea of a Sunday paper for me, and I recommend it highly. Just this week he had a...
  13. Phil Plantier

    iPod/iPhone 3rd party repair

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an iPod repair place? My iPod Touch turned into a (sleek, small) brick and I'd like to not buy a new one.
  14. Phil Plantier

    Fail Mary Ref still dealing with aftermath

    I don't usually have sympathy for scabs, but many people (including friends and family) resist getting help/treatment with mental health issues because the trigger is no big deal. Well, here is a guy who made a noisy but unimportant (in the large scheme of things) mistake, and he is still a mess...
  15. Phil Plantier

    ProFootballTalk: a rapid decline

    ProFootballTalk was a must-read a few years ago. Mike Florio worked hard and had good sources. Lately, though, the filler has increased while the writing has declined.   Illustrating both points:    ...
  16. Phil Plantier

    Help me choose between two laptops

    Due to a mishap with Lenovo Outlet, I'm the proud owner of a 500gb SSD and a 8gb SO-DIMM, so I'd like an upgradable laptop I can put these parts into and make into a good all around machine (some work, some gaming). My criteria:   1. Haswell - I'm commuting a lot so I'd like good battery life...
  17. Phil Plantier

    Astros Sports Network in Trouble

    I thought these regional sports networks were licenses to print money, but not in Houston:   It seems that the main problem is that non-Comcast carriers have balked at the fee:     I have the same...
  18. Phil Plantier

    Copa America 2016 may include N. America Still very preliminary, but would be something that all fans would want to see: a 16-team Copa America with 6 CONCACAF teams, perhaps hosted by USA. Commence drooling.