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  1. mauf

    Live sports are back!!

    Hoping the folks here who follow soccer can help me appreciate this morning’s matches. My only other resource is a 14-year old whose knowledge of German soccer is mostly derived from video games.
  2. mauf

    Yoenis Cespedes injury caused by wild boar

    Didn’t see this being discussed anywhere. The union and the Mets have agreed to a restructuring of his contract that allows him to keep the $14.8 million he was paid in 2019 (out of what was...
  3. mauf

    Woj: Love on the block

    Cavs reportedly fielding offers for Love. Celtics mentioned as a possible destination in some speculation, which doesn’t make sense to me.
  4. mauf

    Wilpons to sell controlling interest in Mets (or maybe not)

    Wall Street mogul (and current Mets minority investor) Steve Cohen is reportedly close to an agreement to purchase an 80% stake in the Mets. The deal values the club at $2.6b. Fred and Jeff Wilpon will remain in their current roles for five years, which presumably means they will continue to...
  5. mauf

    CFP Selection Committee rankings

    So, we’re nine days (and a week of games) away from the first rankings released by the CFP Selection Committee. There’s always a lot of chatter around these rankings, so I thought I’d get a thread going. I don’t think there’s much drama around the top five— barring a massive upset this coming...
  6. mauf

    Celtics on-off numbers

    I hadn’t seen these numbers before. Here’s the net on-off for the eight guys who played at least 45% of the team’s minutes. (This excludes guys like Baynes, Theis, and Wanamaker who put up good numbers but either missed loads of time to injury or were used very selectively.) Tatum +4.8 Kyrie...
  7. mauf

    Spat between Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown

    They had to be separated during a timeout tonight. Assuming this is something they’ll just smooth over. They won’t both be here next season anyhow, so it...
  8. mauf

    Jim Boylan sues Cavs for age discrimination

    Notably, Ty Lue is not named as a defendant. Will be interesting to see what he says now that he presumably has no incentive to protect the Cavs.
  9. mauf

    NFL Ratings Recovering?

    Whether it’s the high-scoring games, the lack of political controversy, or the emergence of a few new stars, NFL ratings are up so far this season...
  10. mauf

    The 2018-19 rotation

    Some discussion of this in other threads, but I think it’s a worthy topic in its own right. The C’s have 10 players who could reasonably expect to play heavy minutes: Kyrie, Hayward, Horford, Tatum, Brown, Smart, Baynes, Rozier, MaMo, and Theis. Conventional wisdom says that’s one too many...
  11. mauf

    Kenyatta Jones dead at 39

    Reportedly from cardiac arrest. Collected a Super Bowl ring for limited action as a rookie on the 2001 Pats squad. Saw regular action in 2002, and was injured during the 2003 season when a...
  12. mauf

    Administering the NFL concussion settlement

    In a court filing, the NFL has alleged that former players and their attorneys have filed hundreds of false claims under the concussion settlement. For their part, claimants have accused...
  13. mauf

    Philip Rivers: Hall of Famer?

    Did the announcer just refer to Philip Rivers as a future Hall of Famer??
  14. mauf

    Week 6 Game Thread

    Might be the best matchup of the week tonight. Who’s watching?
  15. mauf

    What's your preseason top-10? (football)

    1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. USC 4. Florida State 5. Oklahoma 6. Auburn 7. Michigan 8. Penn State 9. Washington 10. Georgia/LSU Shamelessly cribbed this list from the Vegas odds to win the national championship. Looks like a better list than the AP Top 10. What's your preseason top 10?
  16. mauf

    2016 draft redux

    There were a few interesting thoughts in the Jaylen Brown thread (which badly needs a title change), and the topic came up on The Ringer's basketball podcast in the past week or so, so I thought I'd pose the question -- how would last year's NBA draft play out if the teams all knew what we know...
  17. mauf

    FBS Committee Rankings

    Here they are. Aggie at #4 is obviously the big surprise. College Football Playoff Rankings RK TEAM REC 1 ALA 8-0 2 CLEM 8-0 3 MICH 8-0 4 TA&M 7-1 5 WASH 8-0 6 OSU 7-1 7 LOU 7-1 8 WIS 6-2 9 AUB 6-2 10 NEB 7-1 11 FLA 6-1 12 PSU 6-2 13 LSU...
  18. mauf

    Week 8 Game Thread

    Here we go -- piss vs water!!
  19. mauf

    2015 coaching carousel

    I thought about doing something glib, but I ended up just breaking the teams into high, medium, and low probability of a coaching change, with teams listed alphabetically within each group. Obviously, I don't expect a change for any teams not named.   High   Chicago -- Jim Trestman and his staff...
  20. mauf

    Jen Royle on The Taste

    Is anyone watching? I'm a week behind, so I just saw her audition on DVR. I think I'll burn it to a DVD and keep it with the poisonous chemicals under the sink, just in case we ever need to induce vomiting.