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  1. mauf

    Red Sox requested that a humidor be installed at Fenway Park

    MLB should’ve been transparent, but I don’t see what the big deal is. There should probably be a humidor for baseballs in every major-league park, but I’d want to test that for a season in a few parks that weren’t arid and/or high altitude (where there is already experience with humidors) before...
  2. mauf

    Brian Johnson released

    Amazingly, Johnson is the only pitcher the Red Sox have drafted since 2007 who has started 20 major-league games.
  3. mauf

    2020 PGA Championship- Harding Park

    Four more guys eliminated with Casey finishing at -11.
  4. mauf

    2020 PGA Championship- Harding Park

    Yup. Birdie to finish -7 puts him in good position for tomorrow.
  5. mauf

    2020 PGA Championship- Harding Park

    I have nothing against Li but love to see slow play like that rewarded with a trip to the bunker.
  6. mauf

    2020 PGA Championship- Harding Park

    That story about the old guy dying last fall confused me. It was kind of like a drunk person digressing, then realizing and abruptly ending the story (“it was a sad time ... when he died”).
  7. mauf

    2020 PGA Championship- Harding Park

    Is the course playing tougher today? I realize the leaders haven’t even teed off, but with nearly half the field finished, no one has posted a score below 69. Edit: only 28 finished, and I missed Cantlay’s 66.
  8. mauf

    Champions League, Round of 16

    If the objective of the rule is to prevent “bus parking,” it abjectly failed last night. As I said, I prefer away goals as a tiebreak to penalties, but I would’ve liked to have seen Juve get an extra 30 minutes to get one more past that Lyon parked bus.
  9. mauf

    Champions League, Round of 16

    I understand that away goals is a better tiebreak than penalties, but I’m surprised they don’t play 30 minutes of extra time when the aggregate is tied.
  10. mauf

    I'm not a fan of Jose Perrazza.

    I think we can put this thread out of its misery.
  11. mauf

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Buys XFL for $15 Million

    This is an insightful question. Because whether you think minor-league football is viable or not, buying Vince McMahon’s IP isn’t going to make or break whether you succeed or fail. But if you get some video assets for that $15 million, plus VMc’s covenant not to compete with you, that might...
  12. mauf

    Memphis Grizzlies 2019-2020

    I think Morant is an elite talent who will get better in his second season, which will outweigh any countervailing factors (defensive adjustments, other teams getting better, etc.). Still, I’d much rather roll the dice on next season than have the pick convey in the mid-late teens this year, so...
  13. mauf

    Yoenis Cespedes opts out of the 2020 season

    It would look like hell if they said this and he turned up dead in a few days. My guess is that someone who knows him got a text, or some similar indication that he's just AWOL and not in danger. It's still weird, and leaves room for scenarios that are no laughing matter (e.g., mental-health...
  14. mauf

    Covid and MLB

    This is what “I’ve Been Everywhere” would’ve sounded like if Johnny Cash had been a perv. :)
  15. mauf

    Covid and MLB

    Here in Massachusetts, we had an outbreak at a Springfield hospital that was traced to employees eating together in the break room without masks. The people in that break room were probably brighter on average than your typical professional ball player, and because of where they live and work...
  16. mauf

    Covid and MLB

    The solution is to let families join the bubble, subject to the same rules as everyone else. Players could then choose from three options: (1) don’t play; (2) go in the bubble and let your family remain outside; or (3) bring your family into the bubble. Maybe players will get their shit...
  17. mauf

    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    Seriously, I might be out on the NBA for the season after that Giannis replay nonsense tonight. There’s enough real shit to be upset these days without adding NBA officiating to the mix. The starless C’s aren’t going to get a fair shake against the Bucks, Lakers, or Clippers — why get invested?
  18. mauf

    07/31 vs. Bucks aka Starting The Short Road to #18

    I disagree that it was a charge. But I think the only thing that’s reviewable there is in/out of the circle, just as you couldn’t call the obvious foul on the “hostile act” review on the other end.
  19. mauf

    07/31 vs. Bucks aka Starting The Short Road to #18

    Why do I watch this league?