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  1. Orel Miraculous

    What's Your Hierachy?

    When i'm not (a) watching the Sox, or (b) trying to be a real human being, I'm usually watching I don't just tune in to any old game though, as I've recently realized that I have an ever evolving hierarchy of teams I want to watch.  The hierarchy doesn't always hold (sometimes...
  2. Orel Miraculous

    Ballpark P*rn

    I can't be the only person who loves the architecture of baseball.  I can literally spend hours looking at photos of old 19th century urban ballparks, WPA era Midwest town fields, and shiny 21st century Asian stadiums.  When it comes to beautiful ballparks, Fenway and Wrigley are just the tip of...
  3. Orel Miraculous

    Alex Speier

    I was going to post this in the "Fellowship of the Miserable" thread as an example of a great piece of Red Sox reporting that you just don't see in the Globe anymore, but screw it.    For a few years now, Alex Speier has been consistently producing the best Red Sox-related content around and he...