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    Noah Song’s baseball fate still In limbo

    Looks like the Navy is letting Malcom Perry play for the Dolphins right away under the new policy changes. I've got no idea if this has any precedential value for Song's application, but it can't hurt.
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    Credit where credit is due: who is responsible for the Red Sox success this century?

    I don't think he should be the top of the list but, if you're focused on the entirety of the success the team has had, Ben Cherington belongs in the top 5. He was with the sox from 1999-2015, so his tenure spanned three of the titles and the fourth was largely built from his drafts and trades...
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    Red Sox Greatest Out/Putout

    The ones above are mostly beautiful. The two below combined a bit of fielding beauty with some schnadenfreude, to create two series altering plays. Felt like this one ended any chance St. Louis ever had View: And this one did the same for Detroit View...
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    Red Sox Greatest Hits

    This is one I'll never forget. We were there with our kids who were then two and four. I'd spent their entire life extolling the legend of Ortiz. We had spent the day shouting at the top of our lungs every time he came up. As the 9th started it seemed basically preordained that Ortiz would...
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    Hindsight is 2020

    Assuming that the goal was to reset the luxury tax I really don't see any preferrable course they could have taken. Even if they had held off on giving Sale the extension and declined to sign Eovaldi and Pierce; I don't think they could have gotten under and reset the tax last year. It would...
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    Stark: Doing the math on the ‘competitive balance tax,’ and the Red Sox’ motivation to trade Mookie Betts

    It will be interesting to see what direction the Yankees take in the next couple of years. Last year they finished the year with a luxury tax number of 231 milion. So they were over the first two thresholds. Right now, according to Sportrac, their luxury tax number is 257 million. So unless...
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    Down on the Farm, 2019 edition

    Daniel McGrath responding well after a hiccup in his last start. 6 IP 0 R 4 H 2 BB 7 K
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    Daniel McGrath

    Daniel McGrath has been pitching great for Portland this year, only allowing 4 ER in 14 starts since May 13th. He's 25 and his one appearance in Pawtucket did not go well, but I think the recent streak gets him a little credit. At least enough to bump a five yr old thread.
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    MLB/Atlantic league to experiment with the idea of stealing first base

    It would be great if the runner would have to be tagged out just like they're stealing second or third. This could lead to the hilarious spectacle of getting into a rundown and sliding back into home the wrong way. Then they could just resume their at bat as though nothing happened.
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    BOS bullpen 2018

    Talk about rewriting the narrative. The bullpen, which was widely thought to be the team's Achilles heal coming into the playoffs, only let up a lead once the entire postseason; and that was Eovaldi during his masterpiece. Kimbrel remained terrifying, but rest of the pen (and the occasional...
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    The Alex Cora Difference

    There's no offensive reason to start Kinsler over Holt, even against Keuchel. Against lefties this year Kinsler's split is .191/.236/.250, Holt's is .292/.395/.323. When you factor how well Holt has been hitting recently and how well he hits on the road in general, it doesn't even seem close...
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    The Magic Number

    Looks like Alec Balwin
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    Josh Ockimey, 1B: 2014 MLB Draft 5th Round

    He deserves another bump. Over the last two weeks he's been hitting around .400 and has brought his season line up to .295/.397/.520. Strikeouts are still there, but the rate has gone down a little bit recently. He and Shawaryn are starting to but themselves into position for a bump to Pawtucket
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    Bobby Poyner

    Poyner is in camp with the big club and has been mildly impressive so far, 3 ip 2k, 0 h, 0 bb. Cora was quoted in Friday's Herald saying that "I'm not saying he's a guy that will go up north with us but he's a guy that's opening eyes.... He's a good one." Should be interesting to see if he can...
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    I think the Boras factor is being underrated in the conversation about the slow market. By representing such a high number of top free agents he can slow the market down all by himself. It's almost as though he could create his own sub-union that is prepared to collectively hold out until it's...
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    Let's get crazy (risky acquisitions and offseason plans)

    In the spirit of the thread title here is my crazy scenario. JBJ to SEA for Nelson Cruz. Pomeranz to STL for Jose Martinez. Sign JD Martinez. This would probably keep payroll under 227. It would also result in a lineup of Betts RF Benintendi CF JD Martinez LF Cruz DH Hanley 1B Devers 3B...
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    Bobby Poyner

    Struck out the side last night after allowing the bases loaded on a couple walks and a double. ERA back under 1 at .97. Has anyone seen him this year? Still haven't found anything about an increase in velocity or the addition/improvement of a secondary pitch. Sent from my SM-G930P using SoSH...
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    Bobby Poyner

    Age 24 (12/1/92) 6' 205 lbs Hits and Bats left 14th round of 2015 Draft out of University of Florida Bobby Poyner has been putting up some sneaky good numbers between Salem and Portland this year. When he was drafted he was a fairly well regarded prospect (at least as college seniors go) who...
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    Buchholz Traded To Philly For 2B/DH Josh Tobias

    I see that in retrospect the tone of the post that I thought I was imparting didn't come through at 2 am on New Years. I thought the headline of the article, which does actually imply the Sox might be looking to get Buch back, was absurd.