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  1. ernieshore

    2020 PGA Tour

    Wow. Catching up on this - I was in that same bunker a few weeks ago, except I had the worst buried lie I’ve ever had in an already bad round. And my caddie never did anything close to that.
  2. ernieshore

    NASCAR not NASAR racing this Sunday...

    Jimmie Johnson tests positive for COVID. View:
  3. ernieshore

    2020 Golf Thread

    I'm impressed that (1) you were able to keep an accurate score, and (2) you didn't throw your clubs in the pond -- I'm pretty sure I would have done that when I was in college.
  4. ernieshore

    2020 Golf Thread

    That would be great - and vice versa. I've only made a couple golfing friends since moving out west but they wouldn't make that trip, so a group trip like that would be fun. (Yes - I need to join a men's club here). I want to get up to Chambers Bay too, if you ever do that. Preserve was great...
  5. ernieshore

    2020 Golf Thread

    Here’s my Bandon trip summary from this past weekend: I teed off on Bandon Dunes Friday at 4pm – in 30mph winds (with three guys who had flown in from Boston for a few days). The front nine was a disaster. I played better from 9-18, but my short game kept letting me down. A disappointing start...
  6. ernieshore

    2020 Golf Thread

    I will be taking a caddie - for all three rounds. I know how helpful it was the last time I was there. Plus, if am going to spend $260 on a round, an extra $100+tip for the caddie seems like a pretty good value add. Yes - Vanport. I attended a bus tour on racism and segregation in Portland...
  7. ernieshore

    2020 Golf Thread

    Yesterday I made tee times for Bandon Dunes on this Friday late afternoon, Sheep Ranch on Saturday morning, and Old McDonald on Sunday. The trip was actually the wife's idea, as she had some vacation days she had to use. She just started playing last year, so she will walk with me on the Sheep...
  8. ernieshore

    Formula 1: General Discussion and 2020 Preview

    Pretty big F1 fan here. I went to the U.S. Grand Prix every year they had it in Indy, except one. That wasn't the best race in the world and the Michelin tire race was a fiasco, but we had a great fan experience there: Camped outside the track, drank all night with people from all over the...
  9. ernieshore

    2020 Golf Thread

    Sounds exactly what i am looking for. I haven't seen a lot of options, but I admittedly haven't looked that hard. Thanks - hope it works well for you.
  10. ernieshore

    2020 Golf Thread

    How do you like this club? What distance are you getting? I'm terrible off the ground with woods/hybrids and have started looking for a new 2 iron. I bought a new set of Callaway Apex Pros irons last seasons 3-PW - and those have been great, but after adding another wedge to my bag, I now have a...
  11. ernieshore

    College BB Coaching Carousel 2020

    Catching up....After finally firing Danny Manning, Wake is hiring Steve Forbes form East Tennessee. As a Wake fan, I'm at least happy that he seems like a hire that will shake things up in a program that has been dying for the last decade. View...
  12. ernieshore

    2020 Golf Thread

    I played Pumpkin Ridge today. My experience wasn’t helped by the fact that my game seems to be lost, but it took 5 hours and 20 minutes to play. Awful. Course was packed and I didn’t see one Marshall the whole time. We played with guys who drove down from Seattle who initially planned to play...
  13. ernieshore

    2020 PGA Tour

    i just started watching that one again tonight. I’m not that far yet, but I forgot how quickly Rory looked shaky. And Tiger just eagled #8.
  14. ernieshore

    Baseball on Television

    “Clowns on the field...” during a midweek game in April. Love it.
  15. ernieshore

    2020 PGA Tour

    I’m rewatching the 89 Masters. I now remember that having Mike Reid, Scott Hoch, and Ken Green all in contention really appealed to my own dorky- golfer, freshman in high school self. Though I never liked Tom Kite. Go figure.
  16. ernieshore

    2020 PGA Tour has a podcast - A Pod Unlike Any Other - where their staff talk through an old Masters or US Open they watched on YouTube. It's like a Rewatchables concept. A Pod Unlike Any Other The main guys that do this are pretty young, and sometimes I'm surprised at what they don't know about...
  17. ernieshore

    (When) Will the Season Start?

    Yeah - I already have tickets for the Saturday game, and was going to get them for Friday also. Also have an Amtrak ticket.
  18. ernieshore

    March 2020 NBA Game Thread

    A woman in the stands just chugged a full glass of wine in this Warriors game.
  19. ernieshore

    2020 PGA Tour

    Plus, add in how NBC magically cuts to shots of people they’ve never shown before dunking their ball in the water — and acting like it’s live. Kostis called them out on this, and it’s very obvious today.
  20. ernieshore

    2/25 Celtics at Blazers

    Tatum is fun to watch in person. Damn.