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  1. terrynever

    8/5: Let’s play two!

    Zack Wheeler vs. Jordan Montgomery in the 4:05 p.m. opener in Philly. Yanks are the home team. Seven innings! Then at 7:05 comes the nightcap. Philly sends its ace, Aaron Nola, against TBD. This would be a great time to bring up Clark Schmidt from Scranton. But that seems unlikely. Yanks have...
  2. terrynever

    8/3: Cole vs. Arrieta

    Momentum is a fun train to ride. Climb aboard the 2020 New York Yankees freight train, which just splattered the Red Sox onto the tracks like a cartoon character in the old Roadrunner series. Next up is a team from Philly that hasn’t played a game in eight days. Joe Girardi’s Phillies only had...
  3. terrynever

    8/2: Paxton’s turn to get right

    James Paxton couldn’t get an out in the second inning of his horrid 2020 debut. He looked at game film and noticed some delivery flaws that led to decreased velocity. Look at the velocity right away tonight as an early indicator. ESPN has this game. Air time is 7 p.m. Boston will begin with...
  4. terrynever

    8/1: The return of Tanaka

    Masahiro Tanaka got beaned in the head by a Giancarlo Stanton line drive in BP last month and is lucky to be here today. Tanaka will make his 2020 debut tonight against Red Sox starter Zack Godley, a 6-3, 240-pound righty who won 15 games for Arizona in 2018. Godley earned this start with four...
  5. terrynever

    7/31: Home opener vs. Boston

    Big day for Jordan Montgomery, making his first start since 2018 following TJ surgery. The 6-foot-6 lefty is 27 years old now. He went 9-7 in 2017 and 2-0 in 2018 before his elbow gave out. Pitched four innings last September in a pair of relief outings and looked good in the abbreviated spring...
  6. terrynever

    7/30: Happ vs. Means

    Yanks send their 37-year-old lefty J.A. Happ against Orioles’ 27-year-old lefty John Means. 7:05 start tonight. We might see Miguel Andujar in left in place of the hitless Brett Gardner. And same at catcher with Kyle Higashioka subbing for also hitless Gary Sanchez. Getaway game for Yanks...
  7. terrynever

    7/29: We’re on to Baltimore

    In an unprecedented move, the Yankees voted unanimously as a team to face Baltimore tonight and Thursday in a COVID 19-related schedule switch. Gerrit Cole and J.A. Happ will pitch the two games against the Orioles. The Yanks will then head home to face Boston over the weekend. Jon Abbey reports...
  8. terrynever

    7/28: Stay out of the clubhouse!

    The Phillies were all tested yesterday but results may not be ready today. In that case, the two teams will skip tonight’s game and head to Yankee Stadium for their scheduled game on Wednesday. Dr. Fauci said this morning that the games should go on, at least until further data says otherwise...
  9. terrynever

    7/27: Start Spreading the Virus?

    The Phillies just spent three days hosting the Marlins, who have had four positive virus tests in the last few days. Are any Phillies players infected? That’s the subplot to tonight’s 7:05 game. J.A. Happ, who boasts a 19-8 record in his brief Yankee career, will face Jake Arrietta, 18-19 in...
  10. terrynever

    7/26: Bullpen vs. Corbin

    1:05 p.m. game on TBS. Lefty Patrick Corbin vs. the Yankees’ bullpen. My guess would be David Hale opens. Yanks optioned Clint Frazier and Ben Heller to the Scranton game after last night’s game. I wonder if Clint has a regular girl friend in Scranton. And is he even allowed to see her?
  11. terrynever

    Greatest stolen base in Yankee history!

    Inspired by a similar post in the Red Sox forum. I vote for Johnny Damon’s double steal in the 2009 World Series, which swung momentum in the game and the series. There must be others, although the Yankees were never known for base-stealing. Perhaps their most famous attempt was Babe Ruth...
  12. terrynever

    Who was Mickey Mantle?

    Bobby Richardson, Yankees second baseman from 1958-66, reflects on his teammate, Mickey Mantle, in a N.Y. Post article linked below. Richardson signed with the Yankees at 17. He went on the field for BP and Mantle made sure he got his licks, ahead of Yogi Berra and that crew. Mick was 22 at the...
  13. terrynever

    Oppo thread: 76ers vs. Celtics

    I had two beers. Feeling frisky. Huge game for Philly tonight. I hope the players are ready because Boston will bounce back tonight. No Embiid. No Kemba. Philly rarely loses at home. It’s a shooters league now. Which team will shoot better tonight?
  14. terrynever

    Playing defense in 2019

    Linking an interesting article from today’s Pawtucket Times written by sports writer Brendan McGair, who simply wanted to know how the PawSox coaching staff is dealing with the MLB baseball at the AAA level — on defense. Turns out, you need more “quick-twitch” defenders...
  15. terrynever

    Jim Bouton dead at 80

    SABR: We're saddened to learn Jim Bouton, 80, has died. The former @Yankees All-Star pitcher revolutionized baseball journalism and literature as the author of "Ball Four" — named one of @nypl's best books of the 20th century. #SABR bio:… A baseball star like no other...
  16. terrynever

    John Sterling’s streak ending after 30 years

    Sterling is feeling shaky and will begin a short hiatus on his birthday, July 4. Might last through the All-Star break. Yanks suggested he step back for a few days. The guy is 81 on Thursday. My guess is his behavior sometimes borders on senility and that worries people. Sterling is very...
  17. terrynever

    76ers 2019-2020

    Which proves the 76ers are still Brett Brown’s team. He chose Simmons over Butler. Brand concurred. Say what you want but the 76ers are committed to Simmons. Maybe he will work on his shooting form this summer instead of playing the celebrity game. Brown is not great at coaching offense. His...
  18. terrynever

    Book review: Inside The Empire

    Currently 680th on Amazon bestseller list, this 213-page book by long-time Yankee beat writer Bob Klapisch and co-author Paul Solotaroff starts off fast and then tails off, kind of like the 2018 Yankee team it focuses on. Great anecdotes and insights early on, then a transition to segments on...
  19. terrynever

    A Night at McCoy Stadium

    Wednesday was a great evening for baseball at McCoy Stadium. Rehabbing big leaguers were all over the field, led by Boston's Dustin Pedroia and New York's Greg Bird. We had tickets right behind home plate, three rows up. You really get into the pitcher-hitter matchup from this vantage point. We...
  20. terrynever

    Two over .700 teams meet in early May

    Fasten your seat belts, Red Sox and Yankee fans. We are following two elite baseball teams that already have run off hot streaks of 17-2 (Sox) and 15-1 (Yankees). Neither team is perfect, and Houston remains the best club in baseball, but bottom line is, the summer of 2018 should launch a period...