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  1. Rough Carrigan

    High-Class Problems: Worst Blunders of the Henry Era

    What are the three worst decisions present Sox ownership has made since they took control of the team? You might say the hirings of Grady Little and Bobby Valentine and the treatment they gave Tito on his way out. I was under the impression that all three were Lucchino operations.
  2. Rough Carrigan

    Sandy Leon's very own thread

    Does anyone have any idea what, if anything, Sandy Leon is doing differently as a hitter this year? I'll say the words now. Small sample size. I understand. It's only 35 at bats. But he was such a lousy hitter last year, he didn't work up a .457/.525/.686 slash line in any five at bats you...
  3. Rough Carrigan

    MLB teams *alleged* to collude to screw over scouts

    It's the american way.  Become a rich scumbag, heading a computer company or own a baseball team and get together with your peers and . . *allegedly* collude to fuck over the lowest paid of your employees.   Kansas City Royals scout Jordan Wyckoff has filed suit against MLB alleging that teams...
  4. Rough Carrigan

    Is the National League Just Inferior?

    I watch games now and then on MLB Network and they usually use the feed from one of the two teams playing in that game when they show you a game (they do their own broadcasts with Bob Costas and Jim Kaat, too)  So I've had the opportunity to listen in to the broadcast teams of National League...
  5. Rough Carrigan

    Should the Red Sox really be throwing more fastballs than any other AL team?

    I'm not sure what to make of this but there was a very interesting story over at Fangraphs.  They looked at which pitchers increased and decreased the percentages of fastballs that they threw (from the start of the 2013 season to now) going from bases empty situations to situations with men on...