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  1. Bowhemian

    2020 Pats: Is Cam Destined to Fail?

    Didn’t the Patriots have a black QB start a game or 2 a couple years back? I don’t recall anything racial being said about Brissett. I think we are trying to make something out of something that isn’t there.
  2. Bowhemian

    Gone Brady Gone

    Insert : puke: emoji here
  3. Bowhemian

    Red Sox release statement about multiple incidents of racism at Fenway Park

    I haven’t listened in a few months, but I wouldn’t even put Hill and Callahans names in the same paragraph, never mind the same sentence (even though I just did). Yes he is an affluent white guy, but I have never heard anything remotely racist come out of his mouth on the air, ever. And I...
  4. Bowhemian

    2020 Pats: QB Edition

    Completely agree
  5. Bowhemian

    Gone Brady Gone

    TOO SOON!!
  6. Bowhemian

    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    LA Rams, sponsored by your friends at IKEA
  7. Bowhemian

    It never gets old - reflections on Oct 17-20, 2004

    I gave up on them. There, I said it. After the game 3 blowout, I gave up on the ‘04 Red Sox.* I didn’t watch game 4. I didn’t watch game 5. I did watch game 6, and they sucked me back in. It was starting to feel like things could break our way. I did watch game 7 with a few friends, and right...
  8. Bowhemian

    Gone Brady Gone

    It’s an NFL rules violation to meet with team staff before the league year begins..
  9. Bowhemian

    Poll: The Sting 2020- Brady and Gronk

    Wow I didn’t realize that both Brady and Gronk were from Florida. Learn something new everyday. :)
  10. Bowhemian

    Poll: The Sting 2020- Brady and Gronk

    Except that Brady was still on the Pats last year. If he wanted to play with Brady so bad he wouldn’t have “retired”.
  11. Bowhemian

    Patriots New Uniforms

    Not bad but it’s time for the silver helmet to go away
  12. Bowhemian

    “Here comes the pizzer“ is now a teenager!

    I love the 30+ second delay in either of them speaking after the book grab. Hilarious
  13. Bowhemian

    Gone Brady Gone

    Well stated and I completely agree. I’m sick of reading/hearing about it. Time for me to move on
  14. Bowhemian

    Game Thread Replay: SB LI - Birth of an Atlanta Dynasty?

    Except the fact that Lewis hurt his knee trying to make that cut
  15. Bowhemian

    Giving up the Ghost

    Holy shit. That’s amazing. We have truly been spoiled
  16. Bowhemian

    2020 Pats: QB Edition

    You should probably get some sleep. J/K-mostly
  17. Bowhemian

    I Hate These Mieces to Pieces

    Ever since the fucking Wine Mixer, duh. Sorry, I’ll show myself out since I have nothing of value to add.
  18. Bowhemian

    Giving up the Ghost

    He was a very consistent and very reliable kicker for a lot of years. He deserves a ton of credit, as he was a big part of Dynasty II