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  1. mascho

    AUCTION ITEM: Guest on an Episode of Locked On Patriots

    Ever wanted to be a podcast guest, come on a show and talk about basically whatever you wanted to? Auctioning off a spot on an upcoming episode of Locked On Patriots. Sure, we should probably talk about the Patriots at some point, but anyone who's ever listened to the show probably knows that I...
  2. mascho

    ITP/Locked On Patriots Live from the Senior Bowl

    Hello friends... So for the third-straight year, myself and other members of the ITP crew will be down in Mobile for the Senior Bowl. While in years past my focus has been solely on the QBs down there, now that I'm hosting Locked On Patriots well, I'll be doing some Patriots-related scouting as...
  3. mascho

    ITP Covers the Senior Bowl

    So Idiot Kicker and I are heading down to Mobile next week for a few days. Sure, the sun, surf and seafood is great down along the Gulf this time of year, but it's a business trip. If there are any draft prospects you guys are interested in learning about, let us know and we'll be sure to watch...
  4. mascho

    Jimmy Garoppolo: A Trait-Based Approach

    So today is DeflateDumb D-Day. Hopefully we learn something, given that Federal Judges tend to get things done. And we might learn that Brady will be shelved for some time.'s your look at Garoppolo, using a trait-based approach favored by some NFL scouts and front...
  5. mascho

    Matt Waldman's 4th Annual RSP Writers' Project

    Hey Peeps:   I'm sure most - if not all - of you know of Matt Waldman's work. He writes the Rookie Scouting Portfolio, where he breaks down skill position players both before the draft, and after, to help with your fantasy football teams. He writes a ton about football, and his RSP film rooms...
  6. mascho

    Happy May Game Thread

    Hahahahahahajajahahajahahah Newcastle is hot garbage
  7. mascho

    Football Central Draft Coverage

    So FC's draft coverage is underway. Here is what we have published to date:   Prospect Profile: Ohio State WR Devin Smith   Prospect Profile: West Virginia WR Kevin White   Prospect Profile: Alabama OG Arie Kouandjio   Keep checking back as we'll have stuff going up almost daily on the draft...
  8. mascho

    Thank You, SoSH

    Dear SoSH,   It's been quite a year--for the Patriots, for this forum, and for us at SoSH Football Central. Before the season we had no idea we'd be covering football in a formal way, much less covering a Super Bowl and, for that matter, actually having people reading it. We've enjoyed this...
  9. mascho

    Patriots Got the Funk: FC Season "Recap" and Highlight Video

    So, the guys at FC put this together. We hope you like it. Make sure your volume is up.
  10. mascho

    Atlanta Under Investigation for Artificial Crowd Noise
  11. mascho

    Greg Anthony Arrested for Solicitation

    Didn't expect to see a p.m. after the 5:46 in this story:     He just wanted someone other than Ian Eagle to talk to during dinner...
  12. mascho

    Football Central's Bowl Preview Series

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, bowl season is upon us. Football Central has you covered with previews of each and every game. Up first - The Las Vegas Bowl between Colorado State and Utah.    
  13. mascho

    Darnell Dockett Live-Tweets his Day of Jury Duty

    So this is happening:
  14. mascho

    Killing Themselves for Our Entertainment: The NFL and CTE

    David/sf121 wrote this piece which is quite well done. He's currently without power so I wanted to make sure people knew about it.  
  15. mascho

    FCU Presents the Play of the Week: ASU's Demario Richard

    Here ya go, Hambone.