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    Pace of Play

    There is an interesting article in the Washington Post today about pace of play. I think you can read it without a subscription but if not, try a Google News search for the article: Velocity is strangling baseball. One paragraph that I will quote is about a study made by FiveThirtyEight in 2017...
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    The Cron(icles) of not making the headlines

    In yesterday's game with the Tacoma Rainiers (8) at the Reno Aces (25), the headlines went to Yasmany Tomas, who hit four home runs and a single, and Matt Szczur, who hit for the cycle. This combined feat has only happened one time in MLB history* but it's unclear if it has happened before in...
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    MLB wants to purchase regional sports networks

    This was dated 28 Mar 2018 but I don't recall it being discussed and I first saw mention about it today, but after Disney purchased 21st Century Fox's entertainment business earlier in March, that also included 22 regional sports networks. The Justice Department said that in order for Disney's...
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    bb ref:change pitcher's WAR, Park Factor, C defense (prior to '53) Baseball Reference has changed its calculation of pitcher's WAR back to 1960 to account for openers. They also changed their Park Factors to a rolling three-year average, which is a little strange given...
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    Coming from behind

    SABR member Bob Mecca published a paper back in January, using the Retrosheet Game Logs, to determine the following questions: (1) Since 1903 – the first year of the modern World Series – has a team ever been 15 games under .500 and made the playoffs Boston Braves 1914 and Houston Astros were...
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    And they ask why MLB attendance has been decreasing Deadspin article on how MLB teams are screwing fans. While it was written to present MLB clubs in a bad light, it certainly does.
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    Princehoward Barbecue Yee has to make the majors

    Sixteen-year-old Barbecue Yee's attempt in pursuing a career in baseball took an unexpected turn last year when the principal of Deering HS refused to let him play for the varsity baseball team after he transferred to that school, saying "he sincerely believed that Yee, who lives in Falmouth had...
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    Proof reading

    In the Boston Globe I received this morning, Shaugnessy's article, "Sale gets roughed up, but let's not overreact," had a sentence that began, "Then the immoral Mallex..." Struck me as strange, so I went to the on-line version and that said, "Then the immortal Mallex...".
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    ASUS computers automated software update system hacked

    ASUS mistakenly installed a backdoor program called Shadowhammer that may affect ip to a half-million machines. See if you are running an ASUS (or check elsewhere).
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    Minor leaguers and the upcoming rule changes

    Has anyone considered what the impact of limiting the September call-up from 15 players (25>40) to two players (26>28, with only one being a pitcher) will have on minor league players? Players were called up, sometimes from need, but also to give some a taste of the Bigs and to see how they...
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    World's top-ranked contract bridge player suspended for doping

    "As announced Thursday by the World Bridge Federation, Geir Helgemo was suspended for one year after he tested positive for synthetic testosterone and Clomiphene, a fertility drug that accelerates testosterone production in men, after September’s World Bridge Series in Orlando. The WBF said...
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    Eastern League changing play-off format

    Beginning tis season, the Eastern League will have the winner of the first half play the winner of the second half of a division play-off to see who plays for the championship, based on won-lost records, not winning percentage. If one team wins both halves, then the other play-off spot will be...
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    Don Newcombe, RIP

    Newcombe pitched for the Newark Eagles of the Negro leagues and was picked to start a game against an all-white team in 1945. Had hadn't allowed any hits but had to leave the game in the third inning because of a hurt elbow. He cried in the dugout thinking he had missed his opportunity to...
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    Robo strikezone: Not as simple as you think -- Baseball Prospectus

    This is a free article from Baseball Prospectus of a paper submitted to SABR's Analytics Research Conference. It discusses some of the problems that could be encountered in trying to develop an automated ball/strike calling system...
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    Weird pop-up when watching a DVD on my tv

    We were re-watching a DVD from a old TV series though the OPPO DVD player connected to our flat screen this evening when up popped a a message bar across the top of the screen, saying, "2421 4018 Enter the PIN# for your mobile device (iPhone). Cancel." The Samsung tv set is connected to the...
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    Jenrry Mejia: Clemens, Bonds, et al.

    Is the reinstatement of Jenrry Mejia, after being banned from baseball for life for three positive tests for PED use, a sign to the voters that they should be reconsidering Clemens, Bonds, and others kept from the Hall of Fame/ Will the voters take it as such?
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    Nick Francona and MLB investigation

    I offer no comments on this other than some might find this Sports Illustrated article an interesting read:
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    Yabusele can dream of playing in France

    After NBA Commissioner Silver's hint last week that the NBA could play a regular season game in Paris, Guershon Yabusele got quite excited. He's from the town of Dreux, which is about 50 miles west of Paris ...and about 20 miles south-east of the air base I spent three years at in the early...
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    Expanding pro U.S. sports to Mexico?

    Not sure this is the best place for this post but I don't know where to put it... A couple of days ago, a Globe column noted that "[Adam] Silver revealed the NBA is closing in on putting a G-League franchise in Mexico City." And MLB commissioner Manfred has said that Mexico City has been...