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  1. Byrdbrain

    Eovaldi to the IL

    Things could be going better. He had the same issue last year. Had surgery March 30th and returned May 30th(per Pete Abe)
  2. Byrdbrain

    Mom, what's a Ben Taylor?

    I follow this team pretty closely, I dare say closer than the vast majority of people and until today I had never heard of Ben Taylor.
  3. Byrdbrain

    iPhone using data while on Wifi

    A couple of months back I finally broke down and got my 12 YO daughter an iPhone 5S from Verizon. Ever since our data usage has gone through the roof, we share 10GB which was always way more than enough for my two older sons and my wife(my phone is on a different plan). Now we are running out of...
  4. Byrdbrain

    No Sound On if Multiple HDMIs Plugged In

    I have an Insignia 42" TV with a Comcast DVR/Controller and a Samsung BluRay. If I plug only one of the items into either HDMI port then everything works fine but if both are plugged in then whichever is plugged in to HDMI 2(only 2 HDMIs on this TV) has video but no sound.   Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Byrdbrain

    BSMW Media Mock Draft

    FelixMantilla linked to this in the Chad Finn thread but I thought it was worth it's own thread.     A couple things I found interesting -leaving Tony Mazz off the list completely -Gary Tanquay...