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  1. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    What info do you wish you could get out of Belichick?

    I know he has touched on this a bit, but I am fascinated by his decision not to call a timeout with the Seahawks on the goal line. It seemed crazy to me at the time. It strikes me that his decision making in that moment was the perfect nexus of his experience and his intuition, both of which are...
  2. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    2020 Pats: QB Edition

    I am curious as to how folks will correlate if/where the Pats take a QB in the draft with the team's confidence in Stidham. I would imagine if they draft a QB in rounds 1-2, people will take that as a sign that BB is not particularly confident that he has something special in Stidham. If they...
  3. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    2020 Pats: 2020 Roster & Beyond (non-QB edition)

    No argument with any of this. I am not claiming that we will ride Sony for 150 YPG and go 12-4. But, given the makeup of the current roster, the strengths are likely to be (1) the secondary and (2) the OL. I think we will lean into this while we develop the next phase of the franchise via the...
  4. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    2020 Pats: 2020 Roster & Beyond (non-QB edition)

    They averaged 178 yards rushing from the 2nd Buffalo game through the SB. I am not claiming that they will be able to replicate that in 2020, to be clear, but I would imagine that a Tennessee-style approach is their best path to being competitive.
  5. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    2020 Pats: 2020 Roster & Beyond (non-QB edition)

    I think the master plan was actually previewed two years ago down the stretch - dominant running game, competent game management from the QB, and an opportunistic, smart D. I would imagine that was also the plan for last year, but injuries to the line and the fullback sunk us. If they end up...
  6. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    If they looped in the Krafts for stadium filming, wouldn't this have been shot in Cincy?
  7. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    2019 Pre-Game Thread: Wk. 9 at Ravens

    He returned 15 punts in college. If he is active, Gunner likely won't be. Jules and Harry may situationally split time on punt returns.
  8. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    2019 TB12: Everyday Is Like Sunday

    Is there any chance the Chargers would be the destination if he decides to pack up? The new stadium opens next season, Rivers is currently in the last year of the contract (and could be eyeing an Oceans's Eleven reboot), they have a relatively solid roster, it's the showbiz hub, etc. Chargers...
  9. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    AfterDraft ... Here come the FAs

    With a name like that, why can't he just rep himself?
  10. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    Looking forward to the new NYJ thread, "2019 Jets - For Whom the Bell Toils".
  11. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    Kraft One-Ups Brady’s Departure

    So his court appearance is 3-28? He's got this.
  12. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    What will we be talking about Monday morning?

    The new meaning of the phrase "The Brady 6".
  13. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    Celebrating What Isn’t

    Since he entered the league, Tom Brady has the same number of wins for the Browns (zero) as 10 actual Browns starting QBs: Austin Davis Ken Dorsey Bruce Gradkowski Kevin Hogan Cody Kessler DeShone Kizer Thaddeus Lewis Luke McCown Connor Shaw Spergon Wynn For that matter, I am tied...
  14. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    The Game Ball Thread: Week 15 at Pittsburgh

    +1 on this. Contrast this with the Butler SB 49 play, or even the end-of-half sequence against the Saints this year. The Pats have unusually high situational awareness. Tangentially, if you look at some of the hallmark franchise wins - the tuck game, SB 51, yesterday - the lack of...
  15. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    Gronk: one-game suspension

    The one time we actually messed with the Colts' balls that season.
  16. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    Hayward to Boston...Really, We Mean It

    Cut ESPN some slack. When have they ever reported something without full knowledge of the facts and ended up driving Boston sports fans batty?
  17. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    2017 Schedule Thread

    Ideally, he'll attend both. Come to Foxboro, then hop on a United flight.
  18. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    CB Jason McCourty Released: A Brotherly Reunion?

    Ray coached while Ross was here in 2015, helping him celebrate his 30th transaction with the team. No player overlap, though.
  19. CoolPapaLaSchelle

    CB Jason McCourty Released: A Brotherly Reunion?

    Looked it up myself. Beyond the Gronk and Weathers brothers, we had Whit and Justin Canale in 1968 and Rod and Chuck McSwain in 1987. The Gronks are our #1 combo, in the same way that Hank and Tommie Aaron are the best power hitting tandem. But the McCourtys would be a sure #2 on the list.