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  1. steveluck7

    2020 Pats: 2020 Roster & Beyond (non-QB edition)

    We have a thread devoted to 2020 QB talk. I wanted to start this one to talk about the rest of the roster for this year and in next few years. If it's best to all be merged into a mega-thread, that's fine but i went with the SOSH mantra "New threads are good" What does Brady's decision to to...
  2. steveluck7

    Price to the DL

    With a TFCC cyst in his wrist - Per Pet Abe
  3. steveluck7

    Bradley to the DL

    Per Pete Abe: Bradley to DL w/ sprained thumb. Marrero recalled Ian Browne speculates that it'll be Benni to CF with Young and Holt splitting time in left