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  1. steveluck7

    2020 Golf Thread

    I’ve played there a few times already this year, it’s right around the corner from my house. I agree that they’ve done a good job job with the course. We got through in under four hours the last time we played. I thought they were spacing tee times out a bit more but when you look online, they...
  2. steveluck7

    2020 PGA Tour

    Bleacher report just said 3:30. We’ll see
  3. steveluck7

    2020 Golf Thread

    Not sure about MA but RI has now begun allowing carts (1 player per cart, unless you live together) again this week. Also, a few courses that I’m on the email list for have opened up practice greens with limitations (no more than 5 players using at a time, observing social distancing). still no...
  4. steveluck7

    2020 Golf Thread

    I thought 15 minutes was kind of arbitrary as well until we played yesterday. 4-some, all mid teens to low 20's handicaps, all walking (obviously). We were basically 15 minutes per hole right on the nose, including the sometimes long walk between holes. We had a two-some behind us and they...
  5. steveluck7

    LLWS 2020 Cancelled

    I'm on the board for our town's league. We met the other night and decided (provided that the gathering limit in RI does extend to 50 people in June) that we are going to run 1 game per night. Majors one night, minors the next. We are going to decide whether we make fans stay in cars or just ask...
  6. steveluck7

    Gronk to TB (Tom Brady): A Gronking to Remember

    Just had this same thought. The combination of size and speed was what made him truly amazing. Too fast for most LB to cover; too big for most DB to cover. If you take a chunk out of the size, he becomes less of a matchup problem.
  7. steveluck7

    2020 Gronk Watch: Gronkmania

    They could but then Gronk just wouldn’t return. Assuming the reporting is true and he wants to be traded to Tampa
  8. steveluck7

    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    wouldn't they be able to trade his "rights?" I'm not sure if he's filed his retirement papers (or if that would even matter) and i believe he's on the Patriots reserved / retired list so as to not count against the cap.
  9. steveluck7

    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    Seems odd that he’d tease a major scoop ~ 2 days before he’s going to announce it. Must not be too concerned about getting beaten.
  10. steveluck7

    Choose your Red Sox house

    House 1 is intriguing but something about Youk being in there. He seems like a guy who wrecks toilets on a regular basis
  11. steveluck7

    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA "on track" to resume season at WDW

    It’s a good question. I would tend to agree with you. There was another tweet by what seems to be a news station indicating that the mayor is pulling any existing and not issuing any new permits for major events through June. Not sure what, if any, permits are needed to host an NBA or NHL game...
  12. steveluck7

    (When) Will the Season Start?

    For those who would ask for a link City of Toronto bans all public events until June 30
  13. steveluck7

    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA "on track" to resume season at WDW

    If they re-start, they won’t be playing in Toronto until July 1, at least. Toronto bans all public events until June 30
  14. steveluck7

    Red Sox Greatest Hits

    I loved seeing this live. The build-up as each ball left, culminating with Varitek's was awesome. Johnny Miller getting more and more excited was fun
  15. steveluck7

    2020 Pats: 2020 Roster & Beyond (non-QB edition)

    Ghost released BREAKING: The #Patriots are releasing K Stephen Gostkowski today, per league source. Three-time Super Bowl champ is the franchise's all-time leading scorer. Story upcoming
  16. steveluck7

    Rethinking Barstool?

    Good on them for recognizing that he needs to be heard by their demo. And good on him and the admin for recognizing that Barstool has the demo that needs to hear him
  17. steveluck7

    2020 Pats: 2020 Roster & Beyond (non-QB edition)

    We have a thread devoted to 2020 QB talk. I wanted to start this one to talk about the rest of the roster for this year and in next few years. If it's best to all be merged into a mega-thread, that's fine but i went with the SOSH mantra "New threads are good" What does Brady's decision to to...
  18. steveluck7

    Gone Brady Gone

    I don't think it's that hot of a take. It has set up all along so that Bill can say "Tom chose to exercise his right and move on..." I do wonder if Brady miscalculated one thing... Kraft's involvement. I wonder if, when he was negotiating last year, Brady assumed that RKK would step in during...
  19. steveluck7

    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    Mike Giardi: I am told the Tampa Bay Bucs have made the intentions to Tom Brady loud and clear.
  20. steveluck7

    2020 Pats: General/Non-QB Off-Season Discussion

    well, he had texted someone with the team and that was their response.